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Garrison Brown Official Police Report, Rumors Put To Rest



Janelle Brown-Garrison Brown-Instagram

There has been tons of information circulating regarding the tragic death of Robert Garrison Brown. Along with that, there were many reports of conflicting information. In order to get the right facts out to the public Akerra Nicholson read the entire police report on YouTube to clear up all the rumors. Keep reading to hear what was in the official police report. Trigger Warning! This contains details surrounding Garrison’s untimely passing.

Garrison Brown Police Report Read Word For Word

Akerra Nicholson felt compelled to share the official police report of Garrison Brown’s death on YouTube. Her intention was to clear up all the rumors that were circulating.

In the video, she reads the report word for word while being careful to protect identities and location. Police responded to Garrison’s home at 10:07 AM on March 5, 2024. Upon entering the residence they went upstairs to where the reporter, Gabriel Brown said the deceased was located.

When the officer went into the bedroom, he saw a gunshot wound directly behind the temple on the right side. He also noted Garrison was cold to the touch and already had “moderate to heavy” rigor mortis setting in which means his body was becoming stiff.

It was also noted a holster, magazine and bullets were in his lap. At 10:21 AM medical personnel pronounced him officially deceased. The officer in the room looked for an exit wound on Garrison as well as if there was any damage to the room.

There were a total of three officers on the scene to help with the investigation. Another officer described what they saw when they entered the bedroom. Garrison was sitting on his bed leaning onto his left shoulder.

Janelle Brown-Gabe Brown-Garrison Brown-Instagram

Janelle Brown-Gabe Brown-Garrison Brown-Instagram

What Did The Roommates And Gabriel Brown Say To Police

One of the three roommates said he heard Gabriel Brown crying that morning and went to see what was going on. He recalled hearing a loud pop the night before but to him did not sound like a gunshot. He had spoken to Garrison at approximately 7 PM the night before as Garrison made himself some Bagel Bites.

Another roommate said that Garrison did have issues with alcohol. She said she heard what sounded like a cap gun between 8 and 9 PM. She also smelled smoke outside the room. The roommate knew Garrison had been struggling with alcohol and the depression that comes along with that.

The other roommate said that Garrison was intoxicated and drank every night. He said he was not a happy person. However, he started a new job at a medical center and seemed to be doing better.


Gabriel Brown said the same thing that he thought things were getting better with Garrison since he started his new job. While officers were interviewing Gabe, Janelle arrived on scene.

Janelle Brown-Christmas Pic

Janelle Brown-Christmas Pic

Gabe told officers when he arrived at the house he found it weird Garrison’s bedroom door was unlocked. He went in and saw him sitting upright on the bed. He playfully slapped his stomach to wake him up. Gabe then realized what had happened. He noted the gun was the one Garrison carried.

Janelle Brown told police about a group text that Garrison sent which sounded odd to her. It said, “I want to hate you for sharing the good times. But I can’t. I miss these days.”

After that Janelle texted him privately and they chatted from 8:34 PM to 8:39 PM. After that, he stopped talking. At 8:45 Janelle reached out to other family members that they needed to check on him. She also confirmed that he and Kody were estranged.

She noted to police she should have gotten him help in the past.

Was Kody Brown There?

The police report did indicate that Gabe left to go get Kody Brown and bring him back here. However, another family member said they would take care of it. Gabe returned alone. Kody never arrived while the police were there.

Funeral arrangements have not been shared by the family. If you or someone you know is struggling call or text 988 or chat

RIP Garrison Brown.

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