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‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Season 2 Alums Hint At Ending?



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When it comes to reality television there are usually leaks that reveal spoilers regarding the ending. When it comes to Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2, there have not been any spoilers revealed. However,  a recent social media post has fans talking and wondering if it was a big hint about what’s to come. What is everyone talking about? Keep reading to get the scoop.

Did Farmer Wants A Wife Cast Hint At Possible Ending?

Many fans have been scouring the internet looking for spoilers about who each of the four farmers on Season 2 of Farmer Wants A Wife choose. The show has not been on for a few weeks due to other scheduling conflicts. However, in the last episode, there were four new ladies introduced to the men.

The men were skeptical about bringing the women back to the farm and upsetting those who had already been there a month. After meeting these women their minds seem to be changing. If they choose to bring them back to the farm and the other ladies are not accepting, anything could happen.


Fans will not see the show wrap up Season 2 until May 9. However, a few social media posts have many speculating about what could happen in the end.

Three of the cast members from Season 2 were hanging out together in Nashville. Sydney Errera, Megan Lay and Brandon Rogers were all hanging out. Sydney posted a photo of them, tagged them both, and said, “We out hereeee” It was tagged as being in downtown Nashville.

Megan Lay-Instagram

Why Does This Matter?

Sydney is from New Jersey and was dating farmer Mitchell Kolinsky who lives in Tennessee. The two seemed to have tons in common including hunting and fishing. Is it a coincidence that Sydney is in Nashville or could she possibly still be with Mitch? He did like the post.

As for Megan, she is also from Tennessee and was dating Ty who lives in Missouri. He and Megan have been getting along great and as an added bonus, Ty’s daughter loves her. So far there is nothing to give away if she and Ty end up staying together.

Brandon is a farmer in Colorado. His options in women were dwindling down after Joy basically said she had no feelings and hoped maybe someday she would have a heart. Brandon was in complete shock after this confession.

Luckily, he met newcomer Emerson and they instantly hit it off.

Nothing on social media has been given away that gives concrete confirmation of anyone remaining with the four farmers. Right now it’s all speculation.

Do you think Sydney being in Nashville is a sign she was really there visiting Mitch?

Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers.

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