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Eric Braeden Gives Never Before Details Of Recent Scare



Eric Braeden-Young and the Restless-YouTube

Young and the Restless star Eric Braeden is breaking his silence and sharing even more never-revealed details about his recent scare. He is an icon in the soap world and is most well known for his role as Victor Newman. When he announced his struggles with cancer in April, fans were devastated. Fast forward to now and he is thriving and cancer-free. He’s also sharing advice for his faithful fans on what they should be doing and watching for. Remember, Eric was misdiagnosed at the beginning of his illness. Keep reading to find out more about what he’s sharing and what he believes fans need to know.

Eric Braeden updates fans with new details

Young and the Restless actor Eric Braeden spoke with journalists on the Today show to give an update on his health. He shared new details about his journey and also some good advice for his loyal followers.

Eric has remained a bright light of positivity throughout his entire diagnosis. He never stopped doing what he loved and didn’t even slow down much. Last month he shared that he is cancer-free. Now that he’s beaten the ugly disease he is ready to get back to his normal life. This includes staying healthy and fit. He said, “I already am (in fighting shape). I’ve already kind of forgotten about it.”

Throughout this battle, he never stopped working out. He still runs and lifts weights. At 82, Eric is a man to be admired.

Eric Braeden-Instagram

Eric Braeden-Instagram

He wants fans to know there shouldn’t be a stigma surrounding health

Eric shared that he knows talking about bladder and prostate issues can be sensitive for some. However, he believes there shouldn’t be a stigma when it comes to talking about health. He’s not afraid to share his story if it helps someone else.

Eric detailed symptoms he began having which included an “inordinate amount of peeing at night.” So, he went to his doctor who did a procedure to help the problem. It only helped for a short time and soon he was back to having issues with his prostate and urinating.

Upon returning to the urologist, Eric was misdiagnosed when the doctor told him there was nothing to worry about. Eric believed him but in four months he couldn’t urinate and shared it was a very scary feeling.

He chose to get a second opinion and this physician dug deeper and found cancer within his bladder. A biopsy was completed and was used to determine the next steps.

Eric Braeden-YouTube

Eric Braeden-YouTube

They found high-grade cancer cells which could also mean they are more aggressive. So, he had to undergo immunotherapy treatments for six weeks.

Eric said, “It is only uncomfortable on the day of, really. It’s not bad. It burns a lot that day, and you take a little pill to reduce the burning.” They then reevaluated and found that the cancer was gone. However, he noted it’s still important to stay vigilant. The doctors recommend three more immunotherapy treatments.

Eric is fascinated by medicine

He went on to say that he’s fascinated with medicine. He said, “I have enormous respect for medicine because you realize it’s not only a science, but it’s also an art. Why, for example, did the first urologist not detect the cancer when only a few months later the other one did?”

His older brother who is nearly 90 also had bladder cancer. So, doctors are trying to figure out if this was something genetic. Eric’s brother had to have his bladder completely removed due to the disease. He noted his brother is doing well.

It’s important for Eric to share his story. He said if it wasn’t for his brother’s diagnosis he would not have a clue what was happening. He said, “Had I not heard about his story, I would have said, ‘Oh, s—. What’s happening now?'”

He’s an advocate for prevention

Since enduring his own journey, Eric is inspired to be an advocate for taking care of oneself. He said, “What helped a great deal is the fact that when I was open with the public, it was wonderful support. I love the audience.”

Eric Braeden

He also said, “I’m a huge advocate of doing all these tests before (something happens). Do them regularly. I want to know my enemy. When someone threatens me, I come after them.”

Eric also noted that “The more preventive we are, the easier it is to treat things.”

He continues to work and loves his job as the legendary Victor Newman. He also believes that everyone can make their muscles stronger up until the very end of their life.

Eric said, “Sports have made me who I am. … From early on you learn to overcome obstacles.”

He continues to prove that he can do that in every area of his life.

What do you think about Eric’s story? Stay tuned for more updates.

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