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Does Liz Johnston’s Baby Have Dwarfism?



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As Liz Johnston’s baby Leighton Drew continues to grow, fans are wondering if she has dwarfism. Fans know that while Liz does have dwarfism, her boyfriend and father of her daughter, Brice Bolden is average size. Nobody in the family has addressed whether or not the baby has dwarfism. Does she? Keep reading to find out what is known.

Does Liz Johnston’s baby girl have dwarfism?

7 Little Johnstons star Liz Johnston gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in early November 2023. She and Brice Bolden welcomed their daughter Leighton Drew. As she continues to grow, many are wondering if she has dwarfism like her mother or is average size like her father.

Liz and the rest of her family have Achondroplasia which is a form of dwarfism in which limbs grow shorter than normal. Right now, many are looking at how Leighton continues to change and most believe she is an average size baby.

So far Leighton does not have any of the characteristics that infants with Achondroplasia have such as a prominent forehead. Other details are a larger head, smaller limbs and a flat nose.

Leighton Drew 3 months

Leighton Drew 3 months

As babies with Achondroplasia grow, parents will also notice a delay in development such as sitting, crawling and walking. It’s too soon to see how fast Leighton will develop these huge milestones.

Fans on Reddit seem to mostly be in agreement that everything about Leighton points to her being average size.

Since Liz has dwarfism herself and Brice is average size, they had a 50% chance of their baby being born with Achondroplasia. It’s also important to note that a baby can be born with Achondroplasia even if both of their parents are average-sized.

Big changes for Liz

After having Leighton, Liz Johnston was off work for nearly three months. Now, she’s back in the workforce as a nurse. She recently posted on Instagram that she completed her first full week back as Leighton turned 12 weeks and 1 day old.

Emma Johnston shared a photo of Leighton turning three months old and said she can almost lift her head up by herself now. The entire family has been loving their time with their new family member.

Trent Johnston recently shared a photo of him holding her as well. Boppa as he likes to be called, is really bonding with his granddaughter.

What do you think about Liz and Brice’s baby girl? Do you think she’s average size?

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