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Disney’s ‘Peter Pan & Wendy’ Fails At Remake Of Iconic Movie



Peter Pan - Wendy- Disney

After an apparent effort at anything distinct, work that had been ceaselessly altered over the decades obtained a form that sounded trimmed.

“Peter Pan & Wendy” is superficial, yet with a layer that arouses a lot of attention without ever being adequately explored.

Let’s face it: “Peter Pan” is perhaps the most often adapted of our childhood legends. And maybe that is the basis of the problem: no one can bear hearing the same narrative again and over.

Peter Pan Disney

Same Iconic Plot

The plot is the same as it has always been. Peter Pan (Alexander Molony) returns to Neverland with Wendy (Ever Anderson) and resumes his ongoing feud with Captain Hook (Jude Law).

However, the protagonist is far more Wendy than Peter, which is one of the production’s few achievements. In her first major performance, the daughter of actress Milla Jovovich and director Paul WS Anderson shows promise of a bright future. She is charismatic and resourceful, and she already outperformed her mother when they were the same age.

Peter Pan - Wendy

The decision to spotlight Wendy works in the context of the film, which also highlights Peter Pan’s shortcomings as an elderly man who refuses to develop, kidnaps children, and torments another gentleman older than him. None of these themes are novel, but this is one of the rare occasions when they are handled with more precision.

What is needed is depth and growth. All of this is presented in front of the audience, creating hope for a little different framework, but it only goes a little further.

Even Peter is unique. More depressed, more lost. And, yet again, this is underdeveloped. “Peter Pan & Wendy” has sparks of inventiveness at every step, yet it appears to cut short the development of each of these abilities.

Here comes the Hook

The film’s main strength is Captain Hook, played by Jude Law in one of the strongest performances of the adaptation. As a superb actor, he creates a highly captivating rendition of the role, with unique and fascinating subtleties that are not as developed as the other developments.

In truth, it’s nothing new, but this time his connection with Pan has extra subtleties that pique the reader’s interest and elicit empathy. This gives the villain a more complicated personality, to the point that we view Peter through new eyes, albeit just for a few minutes.

Capatain Hook - Peter Pan


In short, “Peter Pan & Wendy” completely wastes a good portion of the characters, such as Tinker Bell (Yara Shahidi), has varying quality special effects, but its biggest sin is having several interesting points that give this version a certain freshness, but never go to make the film something memorable.

The impression is that the production crew attempted to do something new but got cut. The components are there, and they draw attention, but the plot’s unfolding collapses into repetition and discards everything that seems promising. The intentions are good, yet the film is lifeless and hollow.

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