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Did Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Give Birth To Baby Girl?



Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Credit Instagram

Bold and the Beautiful fans are anxiously awaiting news that Jacqueline MacInnes Wood has given birth to her fourth baby. Many are constantly checking social media to see if there is any news. In fact, there are fans who believe Wood already gave birth. Plus, they even claim to know the baby’s gender. Has Wood already given birth? Keep reading to find out what is known.

Did Jacqueline MacInnes Wood give birth already?

There are many fans speculating that Jacqueline MacInnes Wood has already given birth to her fourth child with Elan Ruspoli. Many are even saying that their new addition is a baby girl.

What made some assume this to be fact? Wood has a photo on Instagram that shows her and Ruspoli holding a newborn child with a small hat on. It’s obviously in the hospital after giving birth.

However, while some started rumors that this was her fourth child that is inaccurate information. The photo was actually from 2019 and is of their first son. So, this photo was definitely not new and not of the new baby.

While fans continue to speculate about Wood giving birth to a baby girl, it seems most likely she is still pregnant. Wood has also not disclosed the gender of her fourth child. Eager fans will have to wait until she and Ruspoli make their grand announcement.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Instagram

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Instagram

News of her fourth pregnancy

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood announced her fourth pregnancy earlier this year. While celebrating the 9000 episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful, Wood shared the exciting news that she is expecting on The Talk.

The news of her pregnancy came less than a year after welcoming baby number three. The couple has three sons, Rise, 4, Lenix, 2, and Brando.

Wood has always said that she and her husband want a big family.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood-Bold and the Beautiful-YouTube

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood-Bold and the Beautiful-YouTube

When she first revealed her fourth pregnancy she talked about how she and Elan had taken a trip to Vegas for her birthday. She couldn’t drink because as she noted, every time she is there she is pregnant. So, she said mostly she ate and slept the entire trip.

As for baby number four, fans can’t wait to hear the news that Wood has given birth. They are anxious to hear if the rumors of it being a girl are true. Or, will everyone be wrong and she will welcome a fourth son to their family?

Stay tuned and be watching! Wood’s baby could arrive anytime now!

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