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Christine Brown’s Shocking Net Worth Since Leaving Polygamy



Sister Wives Christine Brown

Being a regular of reality television for over a decade, Christine Brown, a Sister Wives star, has a substantial net worth. Continue reading to find out more about Christine Brown’s earnings, net worth, and other details.

When Did Christine Brown First Appear on The TLC Show?

Even though a lot has changed since the TLC program’s September 2010 debut, Christine has continued to receive regular payments from the network.

Despite the family’s interruption, season 17’s video of Christine and Kody’s breakup was recorded. The primary plotline of the most recent season of the program, which concluded in January 2023, also centers on the ongoing animosity and discord between the polygamist patriarch and his previous wives.

Christine Brown - Kody Brown


Though it’s unclear exactly how much money Christine gets from shooting Sister Wives, it has been enough to comfortably support herself and daughter Truley before marrying the self-professed love of her life, David Woolley, in Utah.

The price of each episode for these docu-ensembles can vary, with low-end episodes costing $1,500 and high-end episodes costing $3,000, according to Business Insider. After three years of popularity, the price per episode can rise to $7,000 to $10,000. Then you start getting into the Kardashian league.

The family gets about 10% of the show’s budget per episode, according to CheatSheet. In order to prevent the show from being canceled during the previous two seasons, Kody Brown made low-ball offers. The family’s income was drastically reduced.


Sister Wives Christine Brown - Meri Brown


Sister Wives Brown Family Raked In The Money But Had To Split It 4 Ways

TLC reportedly spends between $250,000 and $400,000 on each episode, meaning that the Brown family will get to keep between $25,000 and $40,000 for themselves. Based on approximations, the program has earned approximately $3 million since 2010. This means that the Brown family’s annual income is approximately $365,000. But keep in mind that the Brown family consists of more than 20 relatives in addition to Kody, his wives, and Christine.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates that the reality star will be worth $400,000 in February 2023.

Sister Wives Kody Brown - Meri - Christine - Janelle Robyn

Christine Brown’s Many Businesses

The Sun claims that in May 2020, the TLC personality filed CBrown Quest, LLC with the Arizona Corporate Commission. What the company does is unknown right now. Wikipedia lists Christine and as the company’s two registered agents. The latter provides the tools and services required to form and operate an LLC, as well as help with filing legal documents.

sister wives christine brown - truely brown

Christine is a Plexus ambassador and a LuLaRoe retailer, together with her daughters Mykelti Padron (Brown) and Janelle and her daughter Maddie Brush (Brown).

In order to communicate with her fans, she also does cameos; a business video costs $350, while a personalized video costs $50.

Christine Brown Flying High On Love

In February 2022, Christine revealed the new “love of her life” to her devoted fan base, having left Kody Brown and the polygamist lifestyle more than a year ago. The man who is currently making Christine smile every day is David Woolley. In Utah, Christine has established a new life for herself near her daughter Mykelti Padron, and her three kids. Supporters think she looks excellent in her new life and commends her for having the courage to leave a polygamous marriage that was devoid of love. Christine & David recently married in a lavish wedding.

What do you think about Christine Brown’s new life away from polygamy? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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