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Christine Brown & David Woolley Buy Second Home



David Woolley and Christine Brown-Instagram

Sister Wives star Christine Brown and her new husband David Woolley bought a second home. The couple is settling into their new life as husband and wife and adding some assets to their name. Keep reading to find out all about this second home for the newlyweds.

Christine Brown and David Woolley buy a second home

Sister Wives star Christine Brown and David Woolley are having a blast as newlyweds. They purchased a home last year in Salt Lake City, Utah and have been periodically sharing updates with fans on projects they have completed on the house. Last summer Christine was very excited about redoing the backyard and putting in outdoor toys for the grandkids.

Now the couple made another investment. The Sun shared that Christine and David recently purchased an RV. Pictures of the RV sitting proudly at their home behind a fence reveal their new second home is white and also currently covered in snow. The RV is said to be a luxury model, costing approximately $90k.

Their second home can reportedly sleep six and has a queen-sized bed for added comfort. Plus, their house on wheels has a full kitchen including a stove, and refrigerator as well as a bathroom and shower.

Their plans for the future

A neighbor spoke on Christine Brown and David Woolley’s new purchase and said the couple has not owned the RV very long. The neighbor said, “They haven’t had it very long and the weather hasn’t been right for a long trip but they are planning to get around the country in it.”

While the couple plans to travel and enjoy being newlyweds, there are some fans who are questioning if she is as happy as she lets on. Some believe that perhaps she moved on too quickly and isn’t as genuine as she lets fans believe.

Fans have discussed the matter on Reddit. One fan said, “I hope Christine is truly happy, but I feel like if she were really feeling protective and in love, she would guard this relationship from the public eye.”

Another fan noted that even if she’s lying about her feelings toward her new husband, the show will continue to hype them up and make everything look perfect.

David Woolley and Christine Brown-Instagram 1

David Woolley and Christine Brown-Instagram

These are just a few fans’ opinions as many are happy for Christine and glad she left Kody Brown and found happiness.

Christine and David got married in October 2023 after having just gotten engaged that April. The wedding currently airing on TLC in a two-part series.

Did you watch part 1 of their wedding? The second part will air on Sunday night on TLC.

Stay tuned for more updates and perhaps Christine and David will give fans a tour of their second home soon.

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