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Christine Brown Answers Why Garrison’s Tragedy Will Not Be Aired



Janelle Brown-Children-Instagram

The Sister Wives family faced a horrific tragedy this week when Garrison Brown passed away. He was only 25 and police reports indicate that Janelle and Kody Brown’s son took his own life. As the family continues to mourn their loss, many fans are wondering if this tragedy will be filmed for Season 19 of the show. It seems Christine Brown has inadvertently answered that question. d

Will Garrison Brown’s Tragic Passing Be Filmed?

Janelle Brown rushed to Flagstaff after learning the news that her beloved son had died. She had been in contact with him before his death. However, he stopped responding to her later in the evening. When he never replied back she sent her other son Gabriel to check on him.

By the time Gabe arrived, Garrison was gone. Reports indicate that he was found holding a handgun.

As details slowly emerge, many are wondering if there is any truth to the rumors that TLC is filming this awful tragedy for Season 19 of Sister W. ives. 

If fans will recall when Janelle and Christine were being interviewed three months ago, they mentioned that Season 19 would feature Kody and David Woolley meeting. Janelle and Christine confirmed that the last time they saw Kody was at Gwendyln’s wedding last summer. Therefore, Season 19 should have been wrapped up for some time now.

Garrison Brown-Instagram 1

Garrison Brown-Instagram

It is highly unlikely the rumors that TLC is filming the family during this tragedy are accurate. If Garrison’s passing is included in Season 19 it may be more so like a in-memorium to honor Garrison’s life. Perhaps it may be a video of his life as fans have watched him grow since Season 1.

Christine was a big part of Garrison’s life and his childhood. She finally broke her silence on his death on Thursday.

As of this publication, neither TLC nor the Brown family has commented on whether or not filming will continue following this tragedy. However, all signs point to no.

Janelle Brown-Gabe Brown-Garrison Brown-Instagram

Janelle Brown-Gabe Brown-Garrison Brown-Instagram

Police Report Revealed Concerns From Janelle

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup obtained a copy of the police report in Flagstaff. The report confirmed that Garrison Brown was still estranged from his father at the time of his death. Janelle mentioned to the police that she should have gotten Garrison help long ago. She also said one of his final texts was very concerning.

Garrison reportedly texted some people they used to work with which many are assuming is the production crew. In the text, he said, “I want to hate you for sharing the good times. But I can’t. I miss these days.”

One thing is certain, Garrison loved his family fiercely.

His brother Gabriel also told police that his brother suffered from mental health issues and alcohol abuse. So far it has not been released if alcohol was involved in this incident.

Funeral arrangements have not been shared with the public at this time.

Condolences to the Brown family as they navigate this loss.

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