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‘Carnival Row’ Actress Cara Delevingne Talks Sobriety, Career



Cara Delevingne via YouTube

Cara Delevingne has always been renowned for her hard-partying lifestyle, caustic sense of humor, and free spirit since she first gained notoriety as a model at the age of 18 in 2011. However, she had a wake-up call that made her realize she needed to be sober. Keep reading to find out more.

Cara Delevingne’s career

After playing a supporting part in the drama Anna Karenina she began to get larger roles in movies like Paper Towns and Suicide Squad.

Delevingne was later chosen to play Vignette Stonemoss in the steampunk-inspired period fantasy series Carnival Row later in 2019.

Vignette is a fairy who has a love relationship with Orlando Bloom’s portrayal of a human investigator.

More than three years after Season 1, the sitcom has finally reached the Prime Video platform, despite Season 2 being delayed owing to pandemic safety precautions. Actress Cara Delevingne continued to indulge in stardom’s indulgences at this time.

She gained public notice in September of last year when she was seen looking untidy and upset at Los Angeles’ Van Nuys Airport. She had just turned 30 at the time.

Although the actress acknowledged that she was embarrassed by these images, she also used them as a wake-up call to make changes in her life.

Delevingne revealed that she sought assistance and went through a protracted treatment program to achieve sobriety in an interview with Vogue in March of last year. She gained a fresh perspective on her life and profession as a result.

Cara Delevingne via YouTube 1

New works by actress Cara Delevingne

The interviewer makes a remark on how actress Cara Delevingne chose a route that enabled her to put her past habits and expensive behavior behind her when she signed on to do Season 2 of Carnival Row.

She seemed to have found solace in her weight loss. She now discusses the return of the program, its parallels to reality, and living in the midst of tremendous celebrity.

It has been more than three years since Carnival Row debuted Season 1 making its return all the more welcome.

Delevingne emphasizes the ease of connecting with the characters and the connections with contemporary social criticism as the primary differentiators when asked what makes the series stand out from others in the fantasy genre that would draw its audience back.

“It’s a lovely sight, but sometimes it’s difficult to notice the beauty when it’s surrounded by so much grief and suffering,” she observes. “It describes how I feel about the world we live in, our planet, with all the flaws brought on by human intervention. It takes place just as it does in the fantasy series.”

Delevingne emphasizes that the intricate production of the series, with fantastical settings that need work to keep the characters grounded, represents the complexity of the actual world and its flaws. Additionally, she describes how Vignette, her character, always attempts to behave morally even when the going gets tough.

Cara Delevingne via YOutube 2


Cara Delevingne talks with a quality that can only come from actual life experience; she is well aware of how difficult it can be to remain steadfast when things seem to be going in another way.

Cara has had difficult experiences in her own life in addition to portraying Vignette, a character who tries to do the right thing in the face of difficulty.

She persisted nevertheless, mustering the will to ask for assistance and become well. She inspires a lot of people both on and off the screen because of her strength.

Cara also talks about her upbringing. She recalled how she used to love using her imagination to go through fancy tunnels as a youngster.

The actress says she is “amazed” to get the chance to be a part of a show like Carnival Row as an adult.

In this sense, it has the potential to stir up critical conversations that many people would rather avoid in addition to touching people’s emotions.

Cara Delevingne said she overcame her own production constraints because she loved the project.

Enjoy viewing the cutting-edge technology that is used to produce imaginative creatures, as well as how it allows the spectator to feel the emotions of each character.

Have you watched Carnival Row? Are you a fan of Cara?


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