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Brice Bolden Shocks Leighton With Whole New Look



Liz Johnston-Brice Bolden-Leighton-Instagram 1

7 Little Johnstons star Liz Johnston went to Instagram to share an adorable update on her family. She shared an Instagram Story that will have everyone talking. Brice Bolden shocked Leighton Drew with a whole new look. What did he change? Keep reading to find out more and see the adorable video.

Brice Bolden Shocks Leighton With Brand New Look

Liz Johnston shared a video on Instagram Stories that will have everyone talking. In the video, Brice Bolden is talking to his sweet daughter Leighton Drew.

Leighton is making all sorts of baby noises as if she’s trying to talk to him. He says he wishes he could understand what she’s saying. At one point he leans down and kisses her knee. He continues talking to his daughter asking her if she’s trying to tell him that she loves him. Then, he asks her if she’s saying he looks different.

Liz captioned the black and white video, “All the talks about Dad’s new do.” She added a haircut emoji, a laughing face and a love emoji.

Brice really does look a lot different. He got a haircut and it’s really short. It appears to be cut shorter all around and is really short in the front. He also appears to have shaved most of his beard off.

See the video below for the new do. Do you think it looks good but very different?

Liz Johnston-Brice Bolden-Family Christmas PJs-Instagram

Liz Johnston-Brice Bolden-Family Christmas PJs-Instagram

Everyone Loves Little Leighton Drew

The family often posts new updates and photos about Leighton. Emma Johnston appears to be really obsessed with her niece. She always brags about how adorable Leighton is and how much Aunt Em loves her.

Of course, she’s not the only one. Amber and Trent Johnston also share often about their first grandchild.

Trent or Boppa as he calls himself, shares Thursdays with Leighton. It seems he babysits her on this day while Liz is at work. Not too long ago she returned to her job as a nurse.

As for Amber, she has also gushed about being Lolli is the best thing in the world.

The entire family is smitten with Leighton and fans love watching her grow. Of course, there has been talk about whether or not the baby has dwarfism or is average size. So far, it appears that Leighton is average size although her family has not spoken on it.

What do you think of little Leighton babbling to her daddy? Do you like Brice Bolden’s new look?

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