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Bold & Beautiful Spoilers: Sheila Carter’s Reign Of Terror Over



Kimberlin Brown-Sheila Carter-YouTube

Bold and Beautiful spoilers reveal that Sheila Carter’s reign of terror could be over. Someone is no doubt plotting to get rid of satan’s daughter who has inflicted so much pain on so many victims. Rumors have been flying about different characters who could take her out. However, maybe the one who will end her is someone nobody will even suspect. Keep reading to find out more.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers reveals Sheila Carter’s reign of terror could be over

Bold and Beautiful spoilers reveal that fans could be seeing Sheila Carter’s (Kimberlin Brown) reign of terror ending soon. Signs have been pointing to John “Finn” Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) possibly being the one to take her out. After all Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) left him because of the threat that Sheila continues to pose to her family.

But, would Finn ever really have the guts to go through with it? It’s possible since he is supposedly Sheila’s biological child. Plus, Finn’s adoptive mother Li Finnegan is pushing him more than ever to rid the world of Sheila’s evil ways.

While Finn seems like a good choice to get rid of the monster tormenting everyone’s lives, it most likely won’t be him sending her to her grave. If not Finn though, then who could finish her?

Spoilers indicate that an unlikely character could swoop in and do the deed. Steffy is in Europe in hiding from Sheila. However, it’s possible that she sneaks back into Los Angeles and puts an end to the wicked witch. Nobody would suspect Steffy could do such a thing especially since she is in Europe, right?

But, things won’t end there.

Finn Finnegan-Sheila Carter-Bold and Beautiful-YouTube

Finn Finnegan-Sheila Carter-Bold and Beautiful-YouTube

What happens next

If Steffy does decide to do in Sheila so she can go back to her happy life with Finn, will someone find out? Spoilers indicate that if this takes place maybe Finn will find out and want to protect his precious wife from being under fire. Maybe he will find Sheila on the brink of death and have her sent off somewhere to recover and ultimately be locked away.

Everyone knows there is most likely no way Sheila will die forever so whatever happens, her body will never be found. Or, will someone else find out what Steffy has tried to accomplish? If Sheila is found near dead or actually dead then maybe Finn will have to take the fall for Steffy to keep her out of prison for the sake of their children.

Steffy Forrester-Jacqueline MacInnes Wood-YouTube

Steffy Forrester-Jacqueline MacInnes Wood-YouTube

This fall will most definitely have suspense, secrets, and maybe even murder. Do you think Steffy could pull off ending Sheila’s reign of terror?

Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers from TV Spoiler News. 

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