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Bold And The Beautiful

‘Bold And The The Beautiful’ Is John McCook Leaving Show?



John McCook-Eric Forrester-YouTube

Bold and the Beautiful star John McCook who plays Eric Forrester has been ill on the show. Fans have believed that there is no way they could possibly kill off the patriarch. However, now as the storyline thickens, fans are wondering if John could actually be retiring and leaving the show. Keep reading to find out what is known at this time.

Is Bold and Beautiful star John McCook retiring?

Fans are eager to know what is going on with John McCook. Are Bold and the Beautiful writers really killing off Eric Forrester? Many believed a miracle cure would arise but now, it’s starting to look more and more like it might be time to say goodbye.

John shared a video on Instagram that his daughter made of his dressing room. The video gives a tour of the many years of work that John has made it through as an actor. She pointed out that he’s been on the show for over 30 years. He is one of the original characters.

John McCook-Eric Forrester-Jennifer Gareis-Donna Logan-YouTube

John McCook-Eric Forrester-Jennifer Gareis-Donna Logan-YouTube

The video shows photos from him from long ago along with special memories such as a letter from Betty White and a photo with Carol Burnett. Of course, the room is also flooded with photos from the show he’s been a part of for three decades. Plus, it wouldn’t be complete without photos of his precious family.


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Other reasons it looks like he may be retiring

Not only did Molly post this touching tribute to her dad, but there are a few other hints that Eric’s life may be ending. A show producer shared a photo a few weeks back that hinted at an emotional day of filming on the horizon. The picture featured the portrait of Eric Forrester that hangs over the mantel along with a beautiful arrangement of flowers.

This isn’t the only big clue that something big is about to go down. A few big names are returning to the set. Two of those are Windsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester and Ashley Jones as Bridget Forrester. These two should be appearing on the show sometime around early December.

Remember too, November sweeps is in full swing and the show is looking for big numbers. What better way to draw in a crowd than a funeral for a legend such as Eric Forrester?

The show has not confirmed if John McCook is staying or going. It seems unlikely that a cure will be found. So unless the old cast is reunited for a wedding, it may be time to bid Eric Forrester farewell.

What do you think will happen?

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