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Bold And The Beautiful

‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Don Diamont Explains Bill’s Actions



Bold and the Beautiful - Bill Spencer - Don Diamont

Bold & Beautiful viewers, to put it mildly, are pretty crazed about everything involving Bill Spencer’s (Don Diamont) seemingly random love affair with the maniac killer Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). Don Diamont, who plays the playboy, shares this opinion. The foremost of them is sheer joy. Diamont laughed & said “Doing things out of the norm is fun,” he explained on a recent Bold Live segment.

B&B Cast Loving The Change Of Pace

The Bold and the Beautiful actors are having a blast, but Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) is living a nightmare that keeps her awake. Her wacko mother-in-law shot her and left her for dead, and now Sheila is being protected by a man she once loved and cared about so much that she urged him to leave his then wife Katie Logan (Heather Tom) for their shortlived love affair. Steffy married both of Bill’s sons Liam and Wyatt Spencer.  Why is Dollar Bill treating her like this? Afterall she is family right?

Bold and the Beautiful - Steffy Forrester - Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Bold and the Beautiful: What’s Up With Bill Spencer?

Diamont said “I think you’ve seen that it’s a little bit difficult for Bill to be putting Steffy, I don’t know about Finn so much, but certainly it’s hard for him to be putting Steffy in that position.”

Bill hardly knows Sheila’s new husband, thus his primary motivation for seeing the doctor would essentially be Sheila’s desire to connect with her son. whom she shot. Together with his wife (on purpose).

Bold and the Beautiful - Sheila Carter - Kimberlin Brown - Bill Spencer - Don Diamont

Bold and the Beautiful Fans are finding it difficult to understand Bill’s actions, notably how he treated Steffy, but Diamont has a hypothesis as to how he is able to do it. “Steffy did sort of reject Bill, too, at one time,” he recalled, “so she’s got to take her medicine!”

I’m not sure whether Steffy rejecting Bill after he seduced her during a difficult time in her marriage to Liam is an “offense” but it could be one reason Spencer is ‘acting out’ with the snake Sheila.

Bill Spencer Making More Enemies Thanks To Crazy Sheila

Sheila Carter still poses a threat to society. Is there even one person on the show that she hasn’t abused, shot, or threatened? But now that Bill Spencer has made himself the crazy woman’s personal protector, he is just as dangerous as she is. After all, it is he who is allowing her to continue to terrorize the world.

Bold and the Beautiful - Sheila Carter - Kimberlin Brown

Therefore, if Steffy, her family and friends want to stop the maniac nurse Sheila Carter, the quickest way to accomplish it might be to get rid of Bill, like permanently. Daytime viewers have watched enough soap operas to draw this conclusion. There are undoubtedly plenty of those who want to get him out of the crazy woman’s corner.

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