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‘BIP’ Did Brandon Jones Cheat On Serene Russell?



Bachelor in Paradise-Brandon Jones-Serene Russell-YouTube

Fans of Bachelor in Paradise couple Brandon Jones and Serene Russell were crushed when their split was announced. They issued a joint statement but never really spoke of it again. They certainly didn’t elaborate on the reasons behind their breakup. Now, a new video has been shared by Reality Steve and it’s making fans question whether or not Brandon cheated on Serene.

Did Brandon Jones cheat on Serene Russell before the split?

Nobody really knew the reason behind Brandon Jones and Serene Russell’s sudden breakup. Fans noticed less and less photos of them together but were never sure if things were going south. Now, approximately a month after they announced their breakup there may be a big clue as to what went down.

Reality Steve shared on Twitter that he had been sent a video of Brandon at a nightclub in Austin and the woman he was standing very close to was not Serene. This outing occurred on May 5.

Of course, Brandon threw fans off on May 5 and many thought he was in San Diego and throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game. Wrong. That game was actually on May 3.

Bachelor in Paradise - Brandon Jones- Serene Russell- Instagram

Bachelor in Paradise – Brandon Jones- Serene Russell- Instagram

On May 8, Brandon and Serene issued a joint statement announcing they were over. Fans have not heard from Serene since then. Did she move back to Oklahoma or is she staying put in California? Nobody knows the answers just yet.

What fans do know now is that the video creates a lot of speculation that Brandon cheated on Serene. It’s been confirmed the man in the video is for sure without a doubt Brandon Jones. Whether he cheated or not remains speculation although it seems rather possible.

Brandon was also there with another alum from The Bachelorette. Nobody knows who the woman he was with is and nobody close to the situation is talking.

The way they were

Brandon Jones and Serene Russell seemed to be the perfect match. Fans were wanting to see them hook up even before they met. Once they did finally meet in Mexico, there were instant sparks.

They both appeared madly in love and it seemed nothing would endanger their love. They quickly moved in together and began a life in San Diego. Unfortunately, some good things must end.

What do you think about Brandon Jones being in this video? Do you think this was the reason he and Serene broke up?

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on the situation.

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