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Bold And The Beautiful

‘B&B’ Spoilers: Will Bill Spencer’s Son Die?



Bill Spencer-Liam Spencer-Wyatt Spencer-YouTube

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers are promising surprises as November sweeps edge closer. Could one of those big surprises be that Bill Spencer’s son will die? It is definitely a possibility as one member of the Spencer family has already confirmed they are leaving the show. Keep reading to find out more and see what could happen on Bold and the Beautiful. 

Will Bill Spencer’s son die?

No doubt something drastic may happen on The Bold and the Beautiful as the soap aims to shoot for the stars for November sweeps. Fans already know that Darin Brooks announced he will be leaving his role as Wyatt Spencer on the soap. Could writers actually kill off Wyatt?

Spoilers indicate that November will bring big surprises and also a few setbacks, could the death of a Spencer be one of them? Some believe it makes sense to just kill Wyatt off the show. After all, he’s not had a big storyline of his own since his love affair with Sally and Flo.

So, killing him off would be hard on the rest of the family but easy for the writers to do. Some think that since producers have not commented on Darin Brooks’ departure this is a strong possibility to just write him off altogether. Another actor has not been named for the role as of now.

Darin Brooks-Wyatt Spencer-YouTube 1

Darin Brooks-Wyatt Spencer-YouTube 

Scott Clifton-Liam Spencer-YouTube

Will he return?

If writers do kill off Wyatt how would they do it? Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) continues to try and win back Steffy Forester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). However, Finn Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) still stands in his way. Then there is Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown).

When Sheila learns Steffy is back in town she could decide that maybe being the good girl isn’t so appealing anymore. Perhaps she tries to eliminate the problem aka Steffy but Wyatt is in the wrong place at the wrong time and takes Steffy’s place. Anything is possible in the world of soaps.

Or, in a much calmer world, perhaps Wyatt Spencer will decide to leave town for a while. Perhaps a business venture will take him overseas to live for a while. Either way, Darin Brooks is leaving The Bold and the Beautiful. 

When Darin Brooks posted his farewell speech, he noted that it was goodbye for now. He indicated that the door could be left open for him to return to the show at a later date.

Darin Brooks-Wyatt Spencer-YouTube

Darin Brooks-Wyatt Spencer-YouTube

Never say never, right? Some even speculate that Darin may make his way to Genoa City and try and pick things up with Sally Spectra on The Young and the Restless. 

What do you think will happen?

Stay tuned and come back to TV Spoiler News for all your soap updates.

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