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Bold And The Beautiful

‘B&B’ Spoilers: Who Will End Sheila For Good?



Bold and Beautiful-Kimberlin Brown-Sheila Carter-YouTube

The Bold and the Beautiful is continuing drama this week as hate for Sheila grows even more. Finn (Tanner Novlan) seems to be the only one softened by her and by doing so is potentially ruining his entire life. Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnis Wood) packed up and left Finn after he praised Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) as a hero. There are a lot of furious people who may think getting rid of the psycho monster for good is the only option. Who could decide to do this? Keep reading to find out some predictions.

Will somebody plot to kill Sheila?

Ending Sheila may be the only way to get rid of her for good. Since managing to escape incarceration, killing Sheila may be the only way to keep everyone safe and happy. Having her around and out of jail seems to only cause anger and more hatred.

Soap She Knows shared some possible Genoa City residents who could decide to end Sheila once and for all. There are a lot of options when it comes to who may want to get rid of the devilish monster.

One option is of course Steffy Forerster. She wants to protect Hayes and keep his biological grandmother away from him. This is especially true since Sheila is trying to use saving Kelly to get back into Finn’s good graces. Even worse, it’s working. Finn has deemed her a hero and Steffy isn’t having it. Killing Sheila could be the only way to keep her family safe.

bold and the beautiful-steffy

bold and the beautiful-steffy

Another option is Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye). He was filled with rage when finding out that the witch is out of prison. After all, Sheila pushed Brooke back into being with Deacon. Plus, she put his daughter in a coma. He has many reasons to take her out but would he really go through with it?

Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) is another possibility. He loves Sheila but knows he shouldn’t be with her. Perhaps taking her out could be his only option for escaping his love for her.

Deacon and sheila via YouTube

Deacon and Sheila via YouTube

Could Finn Finnegan kill his mother?

At this point, anything is possible and perhaps getting rid of his evil biological mother is the only way for Finn Finnegan to win back Steffy. He wants his family together and is eager to prove that to Steffy after she up and moved out. Does he have what it takes to put his mother in her grave?

Other options of who could kill off Sheila include Jack Finnegan, Thomas Forrester, Brooke Logan and Taylor Hayes.

Of course, there is one other woman is really wants to keep her away from those she loves, Li Finnegan. Finn’s adoptive mother Li doesn’t like nor trust Sheila. Will her hatred be enough to force her to do the unthinkable and fix everyone’s nightmare?

bold and the beautiful-Li Finnegan-YouTube

Bold and the Beautiful-Li Finnegan-YouTube

If it isn’t any of these residents who loathe Sheila there are plenty others who want to see her go down as well. Perhaps her long-lost daughter, Mary Warwick could do the deed.

So far everything is speculation and no confirmations have been made that anyone will kill off Sheila. However, you know what they say, revenge is sweet.

Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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