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Bold And The Beautiful

B&B Spoilers: Liam & Hope Finally Over?



Liam Spencer-Hope Logan-YouTube

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers are diving deep into trying to figure out if Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) are really finally over. He blew her off and rejected her attempt to reconcile and stated he just could not forgive her for kissing Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson). What are fans and spoilers saying about Liam and Hope going through with their divorce? Keep reading to find out everything that is known.

B&B spoilers reveal if Liam and Hope are finally over

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers are diving into if Liam Spencer and Hope Logan are really over. Fans are also weighing in on the topic and many think that the only way Liam will ever consider forgiving Hope is if Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) shoots him down for good.

He’s made his intentions and feelings for Steffy very clear to her, to Finn Finnegan (Tanner Novlan), and even to her father, Ridge Forrester. However, Steffy just seemed rather uncomfortable when Liam professed his love. She turned her head when he attempted to lean in for a kiss.

Plus, it seems more and more likely that Steffy is about to return home to her husband Finn. Even if that happens Liam will continue to watch over and try to protect her.

However, with Hope, if he doesn’t act soon and attempt to fix what’s left of their crumbling marriage then he may lose her for good to Thomas.

It seems like the divorce papers will most likely be filed soon. Liam isn’t likely to change his mind that quickly especially if other spoilers are correct and Steffy finds herself in danger.

Hope Logan-Liam Spencer-Bold and Beautiful-YouTube

Hope Logan-Liam Spencer-Bold and Beautiful-YouTube

What will go down?

Many believe that just as Thomas said, Liam will regret not forgiving Hope. Thomas gave Liam a chance but since his advice was refused, he’s going in for the win himself. Will Hope succumb to her growing feelings for Thomas? Spoilers indicate that while the two will definitely continue to have fun under the sheets, her feelings will most likely grow as well.

After all, she’s not the only one who betrayed her marriage to Liam. He also slept with Steffy and was even convinced her baby was his. Hope has had to deal with and overcome much more from Liam than he has from her. Liam doesn’t even know that her kiss with Thomas led to a night of passion.

Thomas Forrester-Hope Logan-Bold and Beautiful-YouTube

Thomas Forrester-Hope Logan-Bold and Beautiful-YouTube

So at least for now, it seems Liam and Hope are finally over. Most fans are good with that and want to see Liam suffer the loneliness of being single for a while.

If Liam does come to his senses it may be too little too late. Fans are hoping to see Liam face a little rejection from both of his love interests. Plus, what better way to sock it to Liam than to have Hope go public with a relationship with Thomas?

Stay tuned for more spoilers and news about Bold and the Beautiful. 

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