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Bold And The Beautiful

‘B&B’ Spoilers: Finn Goes Bad As Liam Moves In On His Family?



Liam Spencer-Scott Clifton-Finn Finnegan-Tanner Novlan-bold and beautiful-youtube

Bold and the Beautiful is heating up as fans see the writing on the wall. There continues to be a love triangle between Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and Finn Finnegan (Tanner Novlan). Viewers were left with a cliffhanger of whether or not Steffy would forgive Finn and move back home. After all, he is vowing to stay away from Sheila. He also said some things that have fans a little shaken up. Is Finn going bad as Liam makes a play for his family? Keep reading to find out more.

B&B spoilers indicate Finn goes bad

Is Bold and the Beautiful getting a new villain? Dr. John “Finn” Finnegan has always been a family man. The good one who won over Steffy and even has a child with her. However, Liam also has a daughter with Steffy and is now regretting his decision to ever let her go. He even made that clear to Finn, Steffy and even Ridge Forrester.

As Finn went to see Steffy and beg for her to come home, he became scary as many fans pointed out. After all, his birth mom is Sheila Carter. Perhaps the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree. One fan even said on a message board, “Finn is his mother’s son. I’m afraid the writers are going in that direction. Le sigh….”

Spoilers indicate that since Finn does share DNA with Sheila that perhaps he could give him to his dark-sided impulses and be more like her. His anger towards Liam continues to ramp up as he knows that Liam wants Steffy back. Is it possible Finn could even pair up with Sheila to get his revenge on Liam?

Finn Finnegan-Liam Spencer-YouTube

Finn Finnegan-Liam Spencer-YouTube

No doubt Finn will find out that Liam and Steffy shared not one but two stolen kisses. It is beginning to look like that information could send him over the edge. Will Finn become more like his psychopath, monstrous mother?

After all, he refuses to let Steffy go and definitely not so she can go back to Liam.

Bold and Beautiful-Kimberlin Brown-Sheila Carter-YouTube

Bold and Beautiful-Kimberlin Brown-Sheila Carter-YouTube

Will Steffy go home?

Spoilers also indicate that next week fans will see Steffy decide to not go home just yet. She and the kids are safe and comfortable at Eric’s. Finn won’t be happy but what choice does he have?

He swears he’s done with Sheila but is he? There is that undeniable connection between them. Will Finn prove to be like her in the coming weeks?

Through it all Finn will keep telling her that Liam is weak and that he is the best man for her. He is strong enough to take care of her the way she deserves.

Fans won’t want to miss the drama that is surely brewing between these three.

Stay tuned for more updates and come back to TV Spoiler News for all your Bold and Beautiful news.

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