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Bold And The Beautiful

‘B&B’ Spoiler: Finn’s Dark Side Emerges With Plot To Kill Sheila



Finn Finnegan-Sheila Carter-Bold and Beautiful-YouTube

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the upcoming fall season are flying around and they include what could happen between Finn Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) and his alleged birth mom Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). Fans saw Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) pack up and leave Los Angeles after a traumatic face-to-face with enemy number one Sheila. Now, Finn is left to spiral as he tries to figure out how to win his wife back, plus keep her out of Liam Spencer’s (Scott Clifton) arms. What will the fall bring to their lives? Keep reading to find out more.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers reveal Finn’s dark side as Steffy leaves town

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and fall previews reveal things heating up in Los Angeles. Steffy just left Finn and took her children overseas to keep them safe from Sheila’s evil existence. Finn begged and reassured her that he would keep them safe from harm and make Sheila stay out of their lives for good. However, Steffy wasn’t willing to take any chances.

Finn will have to go to drastic measures to get his wife back. What if Finn turns out to be more like his devilish birth mother than he cares to admit? If he uses his evil side to dig deep and find a way to rid everyone of Sheila, surely Steffy will return.

Spoilers tease that Finn could try and form a relationship with Sheila but only so he can trick her. If Sheila feels love from Finn she would literally follow him to the ends of the earth or to the old abandoned psychiatric ward of the hospital. Getting her there would be easy because she would believe him when he said he was really hoping to renovate it into a new clinic to see patients.

Finn Finnegan-Sheila Carter-YouTube

Finn Finnegan-Sheila Carter-YouTube

What happens once he gets her there?

Once Finn lures Sheila there he drops all pretenses that he actually wants a loving mother/son relationship with her. Instead, he lets her in on his little plan for her to live here forever and ever.

As fear sits in over Sheila that she has been tricked by her own son, she begs him to reconsider and not leave her there to die. Finn will have a lot of decisions to make. Does he continue to take care of the evil witch that claims to be his mother or does he just walk away and let her slowly die all alone?

Spoilers reveal that he will finally decide she’s not worth even keeping alive. Finn will reveal his plans for her and say, “What is the endgame here? It’s the end of you, Mother.”

If all is correct he will continue to let Sheila know that she ended his life when she drove Steffy away from him with his son and with Kelly. So, he thinks it’s only fair her life should end too. Finn will then give Sheila a long kiss on the cheek as he says, “Something to remember me by… because I won’t be back this time.”

Will this really be the end of Sheila or will someone be lurking in the shadows to save her life?

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