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‘B&B’ Speculation: Caroline Spencer Back From The Dead?



Linsey Godfrey-Caroline Spencer-Bold and Beautiful-Instagram

Bold and Beautiful speculation has fans wondering if Caroline Spencer is coming back from the dead. It would make perfect sense after all. She was named after the OG Caroline Forrester so why not resurrect her as so many other characters before her have been? Why is it a possibility that Caroline Spencer could come back to the show? Keep reading to find out more.

Will Caroline Spencer return from the dead?

Fans on Reddit are speculating that the return of Caroline Spencer (Linsey Godfrey) could happen. Many soap characters die and somehow manage to survive and return to their roles. Bold and the Beautiful has also done this. One example is Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen).

A huge hint is that nobody ever saw Caroline Spencer die. She supposedly died off camera while in New York of an unexplained blood clot. Since she never died on screen and nobody saw her body she would be the perfect character to make a shocking comeback.

The timing is almost perfect for her to return as well. Why is that?

Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) and Caroline Spencer even have a  child together. Douglas Forrester was traumatized when he lost his mother. Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) swooped in and helped Douglas recover. She became a mother to him and even adopted him.

Thomas Forrester-Hope Logan-Bold and Beautiful-YouTube

Thomas Forrester-Hope Logan-Bold and Beautiful-YouTube

Now that Thomas has professed his undying love for Hope, wouldn’t it be perfect if Caroline returned from the dead? This would certainly throw a wrench in Thomas and Hope’s blossoming romance. Plus, no doubt a custody battle would follow creating an even bigger obstacle for Thomas and Hope.

Of course, there would also be the big mystery as to where Caroline has been all these years. Was she held captive somewhere, did she go crazy, or was she in a coma for several years before suddenly awakening yearning to get her old life back? The possibilities are endless and would definitely heat things up on The Bold and the Beautiful. 

Do you think Caroline Spencer will return from the grave?

Caroline Spencer-Bold and the Beautiful-YouTube

Caroline Spencer-Bold and the Beautiful-YouTube

A little background information

Caroline Spencer is the daughter of Karen Spencer and the namesake of her aunt, Caroline Spencer Forrester. When the OG Caroline died she was married to Ridge Forrester. And, yes, Caroline Spencer does eventually hook up with Ridge as well.

Of course, she was with Rick Forrester prior to ending that relationship to be with Ridge. At some point, she and Thomas hook up which leads to her having Douglas which would forever tie to her Thomas Forrester.

She led a drama-filled life until her sudden, unexpected blood clot which supposedly took her life. Is there more to the story?

Fans will have to stay tuned to see if the writers bring back Caroline Spencer to spice things up in Los Angeles.

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