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Bold And The Beautiful

‘B&B’ Shocking Fall Preview Reveals Finn’s With Another Woman?



Finn Finnegan-YouTube

Bold and the Beautiful shocking fall preview reveals life for Finn Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) without Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) in Los Angeles. It even hints there is another woman in his life that he will be devoting more time to. Who is this woman and what about Steffy? Keep reading to find out more.

Bold and Beautiful fall previews reveal Finn Finnegan devoting time to another woman

Fall previews for The Bold and the Beautiful reveal that Finn Finnegan will be spending more time with another woman. Steffy left town and jetted off to Europe to escape Sheila Carter’s (Kimberlin Brown) wrath. In doing so she was also forced to leave her loving husband.

Now that Steffy is gone, previews indicate Finn will be spending more time with another woman. Spoilers indicate that while the rumors are true that he will be devoting some time to another woman it is not as it seems.

Steffy Forrester-Finn Finnegan-bold and beautiful-youtube

Steffy Forrester-Finn Finnegan-bold and beautiful-youtube

Finn will be spending more time with his adoptive mother Li Finnegan. The two both being doctors already work together. However, Li will be there for her son and try to help him keep busy since he’s missing Steffy and the children so much.

Li-Bold and Beautiful-YouTube

Li-Bold and Beautiful-YouTube

Li has also been one of Sheila’s victims and she knows how much Finn and Steffy belong together. So, she will be working tirelessly trying to convince Finn that he needs to eliminate this evil woman once and for all. If Sheila is still in the picture, Steffy will never agree to come back.

His marriage is his priority so Finn will most likely listen to Li and initiate a plan to eliminate the queen of evil. What will he do?

Finn’s revenge on Sheila

Other spoilers hint that Finn could come up with a plan to not only rid the world of Sheila’s devious ways but also make her suffer in the process.

He could decide that luring her in by pretending to care about their mother-son bond is the best route to take. He might lead her to the old abandoned psych ward under the pretense that he wants to show her his idea for a new clinic.

Finn Finnegan-Tanner-Novlan-Sheila Carter-Kimberlin Brown-YouTube

Finn Finnegan-Tanner-Novlan-Sheila Carter-Kimberlin Brown-YouTube

Once there he will flip the crazy switch he inherited from his alleged birth mom and point out the restraints that are still there to secure the most psychotic patients. As Sheila grows nervous, Finn informs her that mommy dearest will never see the light of day again.

All the begging in the world will not change Finn’s mind as he leaves her to die a slow miserable death alone.

However, will Li really let Finn go through with it or will she somehow decide to keep Sheila alive? If that happens there is no doubt the tables will eventually turn and Sheila will escape to wreak more havoc on those she “loves.”

Is this the future that awaits Sheila? Or will someone else step up to try and rid the world of her evil ways? After all, Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) did vow to keep Steffy safe.

What do you think will happen this fall? Stay tuned for more updates and come back to TV Spoiler News for more spoilers.

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