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Bold And The Beautiful

‘B&B’ Sheila Carter NOT Finn’s Birth Mom But Who Is?



Finn Finnegan-Tanner-Novlan-Sheila Carter-Kimberlin Brown-YouTube

The Bold and the Beautiful will no doubt find a way to keep Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) on the evil villain list. What better way to do that than to ruin her son’s life even more? Spoilers indicate there could be a shocking twist that will emerge and change Dr. John “Finn” Finnegan’s (Tanner Novlan) life forever. Keep reading to find out what other deep, dark secrets monstrous Sheila has been hiding.

A Bold and Beautiful shocking twist can change everything

Viewers already know that Sheila has a long list of evil deeds she has done throughout the years. Everyone already knows she despises Lauren Fenmore (Tracy E Bregman). She’s even tried multiple times to send her to her grave.

Plus when Sheila was a nurse she fell in love with Lauren’s husband Dr. Scott Grainger (Peter Barton). What if things aren’t exactly as they seem right now? What if Sheila really isn’t Finn’s birth mom?

An affair gone bad?

Spoilers are saying that there is talk that Sheila and Lauren both became pregnant with Scott’s baby around the same time. Lauren never spoke up about her baby, after all, Scott was divorcing her to do right by his mistress.

In Bold and the Beautiful world, it’s possible that Sheila’s baby actually died at birth and she decided to take Lauren’s. After all, they both have the same father. Lauren wasn’t left empty-handed because Sheila got a black market child to replace the one she stole.

Kimberlin Brown-Sheila Carter-YouTub

Kimberlin Brown-Sheila Carter-YouTub

In the end, Lauren would have found out about the baby switch and was going to expose Sheila’s dark secret. However, Sheila beat her to the punch and kidnapped her. Killing off Lauren would have been the only way to keep her secret safe.

Except Lauren didn’t die and was actually reunited with her son. However, Sheila wasn’t going to lose what she had. So, perhaps she once again decided to switch children and she passed off Lauren’s real son as Jack Finnegan’s (Ted King) child. Could Lauren really be that naive to fall for the trickery a second time?

Tracey Bregman-Lauren Fenmore-Bold and the Beautiful-YouTube

Tracey Bregman-Lauren Fenmore-Bold and the Beautiful-YouTube

Finn is nothing like his evil bloodline

Fans have always wondered if Sheila is really Finn’s birth mom. After all, he is nothing like her. He’s kind, loving, and definitely not a psycho like Sheila.

If the truth were to come out that Finn does not belong to Sheila, lives would forever be changed. Finn would have more of a chance to get Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnis Wood) back. Sheila would no longer have any attachment to Finn. He could live freely without her trying to squirm her way back in.

bold and the beautiful-Scott Clifton-Liam

bold and the beautiful-Scott Clifton-Liam

Things would be more peaceful on Bold and the Beautiful. Although, would crazy Sheila really just let Finn go? Would more chaos and drama unfold with the newfound news that Finn is not really hers?

Time will tell if the spoilers have figured out Sheila’s dark secret.

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