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Bold And The Beautiful

‘B&B’ Producer Shares Ominous Tweet Of Eric Forrester’s Death?



Eric Forrester

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that things are about to escalate in Los Angeles. Producer Casey Kasprzyk went to X to share a tweet and it has fans in major dismay. What did he share that has everyone shaking thinking it could mean the end for Eric Forrester? Keep reading to find out more about what is going on.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal heartbreak is imminent, Will Eric Forrester die?

Bold and the Beautiful is teasing heartbreak coming in the weeks ahead. Spoilers have already mentioned that there will be some shocking news and many surprises. Perhaps a big hint was given Monday about what could happen.

The photo shows Eric Forrester’s (John McCook) portrait sitting on the mantle. There is a lovely bouquet of flowers surrounding it.

In Casey Kasprzyk’s post, he shared the photo and noted that the cast of Bold and the Beautiful is filming ten episodes this week. He said, “Filming 10 shows this week, and let’s just say it’s going to be very emotional for everyone. #BoldandBeautiful #EricForrester”

John McCook-Eric Forrester-Jennifer Gareis-Donna Logan-YouTube

John McCook-Eric Forrester-Jennifer Gareis-Donna Logan-YouTube

Bold and the Beautiful fans are upset

Fans went to comment instantly about the ominous photo. Many are distraught saying they can’t believe the show would kill off Eric Forrester. Others said they would have their tissues ready.

Other fans said if they really follow through with Eric’s death they better have Taylor there as well as all his children.

Could the show really be killing off one of their most beloved characters?

Will the show really kill off beloved cast member?

Writers are leading fans to believe that Eric Forrester’s days are numbered. However, as previously disclosed, John McCook has said he has no desire to leave the show anytime soon. Retirement is not on his radar. Plus, McCook revealed he signed a three-year extension in August or did he?

A comment on Casey’s post revealed a comment in which someone claims to have fabricated that McCook signed a new contract. According to the commenter, they pulled the information from data that was actually published several years ago.

So far it has yet to be disclosed if this information is factual.

Many fans do not believe that they could actually kill off the Forrester patriarch. Some believe that Eric will miraculously find a cure for his undiagnosed illness. Others think it’s just time for him to go. Still, more fans believe he’s going to finally marry Donna.

Either way, spoilers are promising surprises and a lot of emotions in the coming weeks.

What do you think will happen?

Stay tuned for more updates, and come back to TV Spoiler News.

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