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‘B&B’ Jacqueline MacInnis Wood Gives Fans Special Baby Update



Bold and Beautiful-Jacqueline MacInnes Wood-YouTube

Bold and the Beautiful actress Jacqueline MacInnes Wood shared a special baby update with fans on Sunday evening. Fans are anxiously awaiting any news that she has given birth. Is the baby here? What update did she share? Keep reading to find out more.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood shares baby update with fans

Devoted fans of Bold and the Beautiful star Jacquline MacInnes Wood who plays Steffy Forrester have been waiting impatiently for any news that she has given birth. This will be her and her husband Elan Ruspoli’s fourth child together. Overall, they will have all four of their babies under the age of five.

Jaqueline went to Instagram to share a very special update with fans. When she appeared at the fan luncheon in Los Angeles, she revealed that she was two weeks away from her due date. So, with that being said, this weekend should be her due date. Did she have the baby?

Bold and Beautifull-Jacqueline MacInnes Wood-Fan Event-Instagram

Bold and Beautifull-Jacqueline MacInnes Wood-Fan Event-Instagram

If the video Jacqueline shared on Instagram is an indication and clue, it appears that she is still pregnant. She shared a video of herself wearing an all-white dress and she’s dancing in the rain. The music playing in the video is by Willis and is called, “I think I like when it rains.”

She’s soaked and still looks gorgeous and happy. One last photo shoot before baby number four? Or, has she had the baby and shared a video taken sometime recently? Since Hurricane Hilary is making its way through California, it seems likely the video could have been shot today.

So, if that is accurate, she is still awaiting the birth of her fourth child.

Does anyone know the gender?

Jacqueline and her husband have not shared the gender of their fourth child. However, when asked, she shared that they do not care what the gender is even though many feel they were trying for a girl. The couple already has three little boys. Will number four be a boy? Fans will have to wait and see.

Plus, while it seems she’s been pregnant a lot, Jacqueline has also shared recently that chances are this is their last baby. They feel like four is a good even number and fulfills their dreams of a big family.

Do you think the video was shot today? When do you think her baby will be born?

Stay tuned for more updates and the big reveal when the baby finally makes its debut.

Come back for all of your Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and news.

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