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‘B&B’ Clue Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Gave Birth To 4th Baby?



Jacqueline MacInnes Wood-bold and beautiful-youtube

Fans are eager to know if Bold and Beautiful star Jacqueline MacInnes Wood gave birth to her 4th child. Viewers found a clue on social media that has speculation soaring. What has everyone talking? Keep reading to find out and see what makes fans think she may have given birth already.

Did B&B star Jacqueline MacInnes Wood give birth?

Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful know that Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is about to go on maternity leave. Everyone knows she’s expecting baby number four. Producers have been doing a great job covering up her growing baby bump but it appears the time is growing near. Of course, that is if she hasn’t already had the baby.

It was back in April that she announced publicly that she and her husband Elan Ruspoli are expecting their fourth child together. The couple currently has three sons, Rise, Lenix, 2, and Brando. Jacqueline is about to have four children under the age of five once the new baby makes its debut.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood-Bold and the Beautiful-YouTube

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood-Bold and the Beautiful-YouTube

So, why do fans think she may have already had her new little one and is keeping it under wraps? On Sunday evening, Jacqueline went to Instagram to share a short video on her stories about the fan event she attended earlier in the day. In the video, she thanks fans for attending the Bold and the Beautiful fan event. She then says she is thankful her water didn’t break and didn’t have the baby.

However, it’s her appearance in the video that has fans speculating. Jacqueline looks rather thin in the video. She appears to not have much of a bump displayed. Of course, it could just be how she’s sitting and what’s she wearing that is hiding her bump well. The camera also didn’t show her entire stomach. After watching the video below, what do you think?

Right now, it’s all speculation as fans continue to wait impatiently for official news that Jacqueline has had baby number four. Everyone is also anxious to know if it’s another boy or a baby girl.

She’s getting ready for maternity leave

Since the show is filmed three to four weeks in advance, there is no doubt if she hasn’t had the baby yet, she is about to. The show is getting her ready for maternity leave. In recent episodes, Steffy is having issues with Finn after he begins defending evil Sheila.

Steffy ultimately packs up her and the children and heads to her granddad’s. The drama continues to unfold this week as Liam will run to Steffy’s side while Finn tries to win her back.

Don’t miss the Bold and the Beautiful weekdays on CBS. Plus, stay tuned for more updates on Jacqueline and baby number four.

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