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‘Bachelor’ Joey Graziadei’s Shocking Ending Nobody Saw Coming



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Bachelor Joey Graziadei’s journey is coming to a close on Monday night. Fans have been eager to know what could possibly happen during his finale that has never happened before. Everyone will have all their questions answered. However, the details are all below as well. Keep reading to get the scoop on what goes down. Warning! Season finale spoilers ahead.

Bachelor Joey Graziadei’s Ending Finally Revealed

Bachelor Joey Graziadei has been teasing that something will happen in the season finale that has never happened in the franchise before. There have been tons of guessing and until about a month ago even Reality Steve was stumped. What could this possibly be?

According to Reality Steveduring the last episode of the show, the remaining two ladies will meet his family. Each girl will also get one final date with Joey. However, when he is out with Daisy Kent, she reportedly feels like something is off.

Joey Graziadei via YouTube 22

While there are no specifics known, what ends up happening is that Daisy will realize that Joey is more into Kelsey than her. In a never-before-seen moment, Daisy goes to Kelsey the night before the final rose ceremony and tells Kelsey that she knows she is not the one. She will tell her that Joey is in love with her.

The following day, Daisy goes to the final rose ceremony but ends things with Joey before he can break up with her. He is of course emotional and stunned about everything that just happened.

Nobody knows the details about those conversations but it looks to be very emotional and intense.

How Does It End?

According to Reality Steve, once Bachelor Joey Graziadei composes himself again, Kelsey will arrive. Spoilers say that he will profess his love to her and get down on one knee and propose.

She will accept and reportedly the couple is still happy and together today.

After the final rose ceremony, the show will be live and Joey will speak with Daisy and then Jesse Palmer will reunite Kelsey and Joey for the first time in public.

They will find out what plans the new couple has going forward and how hard the entire process has been.

Then, hopefully, fans will finally learn who The Bachelorette will be. Everyone seems to believe it will be either Maria Georgas or Daisy Kent.

Who would you like to see get the role? Would you be happy with either of them? Both of these women have become very popular in Bachelor Nation.

Don’t miss out on The Bachelor season finale on ABC, Monday night.

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