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Amber Johnston Breaks Silence About New Grandbaby



Amber Johnston - Leighton Bolden

7 Little Johnstons family added a new family member on November 3. On Monday, Liz Johnston and Brice Bolden announced the birth of their daughter. The entire family is ecstatic and has been sharing photos of themselves with the new baby. Amber Johnston did share the birth on her Facebook Monday. However, on Tuesday she shared more photos and announced what the baby will call her and Trent. Keep reading to find out more and see the adorable photos.

Amber Johnston breaks silence about their new grandbaby

Everyone is elated that Liz Johnston and Brice Bolden had their baby girl. After Liz and Brice made the official announcement, other family members posted all their adorable photos of themselves with the baby.

Amber Johnston did share a few photos but shared two more precious ones on Tuesday. She went to Facebook to brag more about the family’s new addition. The photos seen below are of Leighton and then another of Amber, Liz and the baby.

Amber captioned the photo, “Adding Lolli to my title is sweeetttt 🥰🎀👶🏼 #folkswereright #grandkidsarethebest”

In yesterday’s post, she revealed that the baby will call Trent “Boppa.”

It appears Amber and Trent are both over the moon excited to be grandparents.

All about the baby

It was only a little more than a month ago that Liz Johnston and Brice Bolden announced they had been keeping a secret. On September 28 they went to social media to share a photo of themselves announcing they are having a baby in November. Fans didn’t have a lot of time to let the news sink in before she made her grand debut.

On Monday, November 6, just three after her birth, Liz and Brice went to social media again to share that their precious baby had arrived.

They shared both photos and videos and said, “11/03/2023 Leighton Drew Bolden 5lbs 10oz 19 inches long of pure sweetness🥰 we couldn’t be more in love with you!!!”

Fans flocked to the comment section to offer their congrats and tell the couple how beautiful their baby girl is. TLC also shared the exciting news on their Instagram post.

Liz and Brice have not spoken much about whether or not they knew if their daughter would be average-sized or have dwarfism. According to reports, there is a 50/50 of either occurring.

Looking at the photos and videos, it appears as though their baby is average-sized. While the family has not made an official statement about it, the newborn appears to not have the signature characteristics that a newborn with dwarfism would have.

7 Little Johnstons

What do you think about Amber Johnston being so excited to be a Lolli?

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