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ABC Denies Rumors Chris Harrison Is Making A Comeback



The Bachelor-Chris Harrison-Jesse Palmer-YouTube

There is speculation circulating that ABC may be attempting to rehire Chris Harrison as The Bachelor host. He was fired from the show after almost 20 years as host due to a racism issue involving contestant Rachael Kirkconnell. He told former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay what was on his mind, and it was the beginning of the end of his hosting career. After a couple of seasons of Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams serving as co-hosts, Jesse Palmer was granted the position on an ongoing basis. However, ratings continue to fall so now there are reports that Chris could return to save the day and keep The Bachelor from ending.

Will Chris Harrison return?

Are the ABC executives genuinely interested in Chris Harrison making a comeback? Yes, claims Radar Online. According to an insider, the action could take place to prevent the franchise from being canceled. Everyone is aware The Bachelor is rumored to be on life support, they added. Of course, the insider also said that no one is certain whether Chris would even want to return given how the franchise handled him and his exit.

Additionally, sources earlier stated, “The show has clearly had its ups and downs but this is the first time the big bosses are actually fearful ABC is going to pull the plug. The Bachelor has been a downhill mess that they are trying to keep from falling even farther down but execs are preparing this premiere to be the lowest in the show’s history.”

The Bachelor-Chris Harrison-YouTube

The Bachelor-Chris Harrison-YouTube

The absence of social media engagement surrounding the season starring Zach Shallcross is also a concern for executives.

Now after the rumors have circulated, the Daily Mail is reporting that ABC has refuted the claims and stated that they are untrue. They said they have no intention of bringing Harrison back to the franchise.

What does everyone think about this rumor?

As soon as Chris Harrison left, fans began to express that they had stopped watching. Many claimed it would pique their interest in the franchise once more if Harrison was brought back. It was too wonderful to be true, according to other fans. Many people just said “Boooo,” and others added that they would keep boycotting the show without Chris as the host.

Overall, the reaction was one of sheer disappointment that it seems to have been nothing more than a rumor.

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