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6 Actresses Told They Weren’t Pretty Enough To Make It Big



Meghan Markle via YouTube 1

Success in Hollywood is not just dependent on skill, at least according to some, who felt they had the right to warn some of the most famous actresses in the world that they would never be famous because they were not “pretty enough.” We share a few of their tales with you.
Actresses who have succeeded despite everything

1- Meghan Markle

The present Duchess of Sussex has become a global standard for beauty, and when the news of her engagement to Prince Harry broke, she not only won hearts in England but also in Hollywood.

In a letter sent before all of this, the actress herself described her own personal experience: “I was a little over 20 years old, my head was spinning a lot, and all I wanted was to assert myself in a world that judges you for what you are not.” She was told that they didn’t want to see the real Meghan. She continued saying, “The following day, though, I was too slender, my features were too ethnic, and I was too attractive. One day, I wasn’t pretty enough, I wasn’t slim enough, or my features weren’t ethnic enough.”

Today she is an icon and known for her beauty.

Meghan Markle via YouTube

2- Selena Gomez

The Instagram user with the most followers has not always had it easy. She even admitted as much during one of her concerts on the most recent tour, saying, “I have to tell you something that they tell me every day… they say that I am not sexy enough, that I am not cool enough, and that if I did, I would be a more loved person. Let me tell you one thing: having class is the sexiest thing. Every single one of you was created to be who you are, I assure you. Being gorgeous and lovely feels like that. Even in the worst of situations, always remember that.”

Selena has also made her mark on the entertainment world and fans adore her. She has some very famous friends and has had some very popular boyfriends. She continues to stun the world with her beauty and talent.

Selena Gomez via YouTube

3- Reese Witherspoon

The actress, who has been in a number of critically acclaimed movies and television shows, wanted to share how she got her start in the industry and how they treated her:
“When I first arrived in LA, people were telling me that I wasn’t handsome enough, tall enough, appealing enough, or fashionable enough. What they said didn’t matter to me, however. I am successful when I put my mind to something.”

Reese is one of the most popular actresses in the world. She is a beauty and has incredible talent. Some of her movies include Sweet Home Alabama, Cruel Intentions and Legally Blonde. 

Reese Witherspoon via YouTube

4- Meryl Streep

Nobody can picture Hollywood without Meryl Streep, but a producer was ready to make it so. In an interview with The Graham Norton Show, she said, “I stepped in, and his kid was there, really thrilled about the potential of his being in the film. However, in response, the father asked his son in Italian, ‘Why did you bring me this ugly thing?’  They were unaware that I had flawless Italian comprehension.”

Today, Meryl is a legend and has won numerous awards for her talent.

Meryl Streep via YouTube

5- Kate Winslet

Oscar-winning actress and Hollywood legend Kate Winslet described her early life as follows:
“When I was young, at the age of 14, a theater instructor advised me that I would not have any difficulties if I chose to portray obese female roles.”  She proved them all wrong and has become one of the hottest and most talented actresses in the world. Of course, she really made her mark with the movie Titanic.

Kate Winslet via YouTube

6- Jessica Chastain

Even though Chastain has been called one of the prettiest women in the world, she claims that not everyone has always had the same opinion of her. “Believe me, for the last five years, the only thing I’ve heard from people is that I’m very attractive,” she remarked. However, She did not get any offers before then since they said she was not attractive enough.

Jessica Chastain via YOutube

What do you think about these actresses who almost never got their shot? Are you a fan?

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