What Will Don Be Up To When Mad Men Returns?

Written by Sandra Martinez   // March 25, 2014

mad menWhat Will Don Be Up To When Mad Men Returns?


Here’s the spoilers for Mad Men from TV Guide’s MegaBuzz By Natalie Abrams posted Mar. 25th, 2014.


I need some Mad Men scoop! Will Don be back in the office? — Dino 

It doesn’t sound like it. “[Don's] screwed up the marriage, he’s screwed up the kids. He always [knew] that at least he was good at his job, and now he doesn’t even have that,”Jon Hamm says of his character’s forced leave of absence. But don‘t worry: I hear Don will find other creative outlets.


Mad Men returns with episode 7×01 on Sunday Apr. 13th, 2014 10/9c on amc./


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