Under the Dome Spoiler For 1×05 Visitors Day Has a BIG Hitch!

Written by Sandra Martinez   // July 18, 2013

under the dome+1x05Under the Dome Spoiler For Episode 1×05 Chester’s Mill Visitors Day Comes With a BIG Hitch!



Here’s the latest on Under the Dome from TV Guide’s Mega Buzz by Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams on July 16th, 2013.



Got any scoop on Under the Dome—Jerald 

NATALIE: The military will finally set up a Visitor’s Day, where the residents of Chester’s Mill who were caught outside the dome will finally get to see their loved ones. But the military has an ulterior motive: to launch a missile at the dome that could endanger the lives of everyone, inside and out. Let’s just say that Barbie’s military experience will really come in handy.


Under the Dome returns with episode 1×05 Blue on Blue on Monday Jul. 22nd, 2013 10/9c on CBS.


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