There’s a Method To Neal’s Wall Street Madness on The Newsroom

Written by Sandra Martinez   // July 24, 2013

the newsroom newsThere’s a Method To Neal’s Occupy Wall Street Madness on The Newsroom



Here’s the Scoop on The Newsroom from TVLines’ Ask Ausiello For July 23rd, 2013.



Question: On The Newsroom, will we be seeing any follow-up to the site hacking/death-threats-against-Will storyline from last season?  My guess is the loss of the board from last week is connected to it, but there’s a distinct lack of Terry Crews… so will we learn why? —Tom Charles

Ausiello: Possibly, but not in the next two episodes of The Newsroom. The question you should be asking, though, is: Why should I care about Neal’s silly Occupy Wall Street storyline? And the answer to that one is: It ties in (in a surprising way) to this season’s overarching “Operation Genoa” storyline.

 The Newsroom returns with episode 2×03 Willie Pete on Sunday Jul. 28th, 2013 10/9c on HBO.


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