The Mindy Project Cast That Gets Naked Together…Say WHAT Now?

Written by Sandra Martinez   // November 22, 2013

mindy lahiriThe Mindy Project Cast That Gets Naked Together…Say WHAT Now?


Here’s the spoilers on The Mindy Project at EW’s The Spoiler Room from Sandra Gonzalez posted on Nov. 20th, 2013.



If this upcoming episode of The Mindy Project were a movie, it’d be called Jeremy Reed: Thin with a Vengeance.In the episode, which Mindy Kaling spoke to me about at a recent Fox event, Jeremy is once again his svelte self and intends to capitalize on it. “The tables turn on his and Adam Pally’s character, who’s kind of had it pretty easy in the first 11 episodes. So tides kind of shift and you get to see Jeremy regaining his mojo,” Kaling tells us. “So today, without revealing too much, he was tasked with having what can only be described as a ménage à trois.”

And that’s not the only raciness coming up, she says. “This week was the nudity week. We shot an episode where all the series regulars had to be naked. I’m naked…Chris Messina and I had to be naked,” she says. Wait. Record scratch. Mindy and Danny…naked? Together? “It was very farcical,” Kaling clarifies. “There’s an episode called ‘Danny Castellano Is My Personal Trainer,’ and we get to see each other more intimately.”

It’s all in the name of art, though, she says. “Chris has had to do a lot of that stuff; I mean, we all do. I had to do a naked shower last year. But I didn’t realize that for a network where you really can’t show a lot of nudity, we really push it as far as possible,”  she says. The episodes are set to air in 2014.


The Mindy Project returns with episode 2×10 Wedding Crushers on Tuesday Nov. 26th, 2013 9:30/8:30c on FOX.


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