The Mentalist Season 6 Second Half 6B Spoilers!

Written by Sandra Martinez   // March 6, 2014

The Mentalist CastThe Mentalist 6×13, 6×14, 6X15 & 6×16  Season 6 Second Half 6B Spoilers!


These  spoilers for The Mentalist are from KpopStarz posted Jan. 16th, 2014.

CBS hasn’t announced the return date of the popular series The Mentalist yet. However, surmised that it could be on March 9 in time for the return date of “The Good Wife,” the show that usually follows “The Mentalist” in the network’s lineup. “They usually have those two shows’ schedules stay in tandem,” the website added.

In the last episode, “The Golden Hammer” FBI investigator Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) finds himself in the middle of another mystery after what seemed like simple murder involving a high-tech cartographer. But his death actually goes deeper because he might have uncovered a spy ring prior to his death. For the episode, fans of the show get reunited with former California Bureau of Investigation alums Wayne Rigsby (Owain Yeoman) and Grace Van Pelt (Amanda Righetti) will be back to aid in the investigation. The last time viewers saw the couple was on “My Blue Heaven” before the “Red John” story arc ended. They already formed their own security company and are starting a family together.



“The Mentalist” 6×13 is directed by Randall Zisk who was best known for his directorial work in “The Monk” series. He also previously directed five episodes of “The Mentalist.”


And This From Matt Webb Mitovich’s “Matt’s Inside Line” at TVLine Posted Jan. 10th, 2014.

Matt, we heard that Lisbon is a getting a boyfriend on The Mentalist. What can you tell us about this guy? –Charlie

He sounds like a catch! FBI Special Agent Marcus Pike, who debuts in Episode 16, is described as “a charming man with integrity, a blue collar cop with FBI smarts.” When he brings in Jane and Lisbon to help track a band of art thieves, he takes an instant shine to the latter and sets out to sweep Lisbon off her feet. He’ll be around for at least five episodes, maybe more.


 Tweets From Karl Sonnenberg @TA4TV Police/Medical Technical Advisor for The Mentalist















6X13 Sneak Peek #1



6X13 Sneak Peek #2



6X13 Sneak Peek #3



6X13 Sneak Peek #4


 The Mentalist 6×14 Grey Water Press Release & Photos


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