The Fosters Marathon AND 1×10 Summary!

Written by Sandra Martinez   // August 4, 2013

the fosters newsThe Fosters Marathon AND 1×10 Summary!



Here’s the Spoilers on The Fosters from abcfamilyspoilers.tripod For August 3rd, 2013.


Monday, August 5  The Fosters Marathon Event 2-8 PM

1-10  “I Do”  Summer finale August 5
Lexi and her family may be leaving.
There’s a court hearing concerning Liam raping Callie. If Callie goes with the truth, it’s her word against his. If she instead claims that it was consensual, he can be charged with the lesser crime of statutory rape. Will Callie tell the truth?
Stef avoids telling Lena she plans on returning to work once she’s been cleared.
Stef’s mother Sharon (Annie Potts) and Lena’s dad Stewart (Stephen Collins) visit; Lena’s mom Dana (Lorraine Toussaint) visits as wellThey’re there for Lena’s and Stef’s wedding. Dana and Sharon disagree over floral arrangements. Can Sharon convince Stef’s dad Frank (Sam McMurray) to attend?
Mike attempts to avoid drinking at the wedding reception.
Jude and Callie get some happy news; Callie makes an emotional slip that could destroy her chance to find happiness.  Expect a cliffhanger involving Callie.
ABC Family has ordered more episodes of The Fosters!  Expect the show to return in January with 10 more episodes.


The Fosters returns with episode 1×10 I Do on Monday Aug. 5th, 2013 9/8c on ABC Family.


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