Supernatural Season 9 Will Challenge the Brother’s Love

Written by Sandra Martinez   // July 22, 2013

Supernatural NewsSupernatural Season 9 Will Challenge the Winchester Brothers Love Even Further


Here’s the latest on Supernatural from Spoilers Guide by Shane Olga Ocampo on July 22nd, 2013.




 “For the first time in a long time, the brothers chose each other and their love for each other over the season-long quest,” shared Carver. “That has left them stronger than ever, but has also created a tremendous amount of fallout.” Season 9 of Supernatural will find the “brothers walking into a world where all the normal constructs of Heaven and Hell aren’t there anymore.” Added Padalecki: “We keep on fighting the fight together. In this free-for-all world, where we have the King of Hell living in our dungeon and angelswalking all over the place, we’re really going to need each other.”


Supernatural returns with episode 9×01 on Tuesday Oct. 15th, 2013 9/8c on The CW.


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