Supernatural Scoop From Mark Sheppard On Crowley’s ‘Cure’

Written by Sandra Martinez   // July 26, 2013

supernatural newsSupernatural Scoop From Mark Sheppard On the Nature of Crowley’s ‘Cure’



Here’s the Scoop on Supernatural from The Spoiler Room at EW by Sandra Gonzalez For July 25th, 2013.



 Supernatural‘s Mark Sheppard scooped to me during our chat on the EW Comic-Con couch that Crowley was most certainly going to struggle with certain side effects from almost being cured at the end of last season, but, he maintains, Sam and Dean “did not cure him.” “I mean, as far as the canon is concerned, if you don’t complete the task then it hasn’t happened. I’d be more interested to see…if there is any residual effects.”


Supernatural returns with episode 9×01 on Tuesday Oct. 15th, 2013 9/8c on The CW.


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