Six Mini Spoilers On How I Met Your Mother 9X01 AND 9X02!

Written by Sandra Martinez   // September 15, 2013

How I Met Your Mother NewsSix Mini Spoilers On How I Met Your Mother 9X01 AND 9X02!


Here’s the Spoilers on How I Met Your Mother from EW’s The Spoiler Room by Sandra Gonzalez for Sept. 13th, 2013.


Any How I Met Your Mother  scoopage? 

Having had a chance to see the first two AWESOME How I Met Your Mother episodes, I do! Here’s a guessing game:
+ [character] tackles [character].
+ [character] has an erotic cake made to emulate [character(s)].
+ Hotel employee Linus is hired as Lily’s personal [something].
+ [character] saves the day when Marshall’s mom posts an incriminating photo on Facebook.
+ [Blogger] may have shed a tear during an incredible scene in the hotel bar that will have fans buzzing. (Answer: Me)

I heard Lily is the first of the gang to meet the mother. Any hints about their encounter? — Jen
It involves cookies, a hug, possibly some biting, and several peeks into The Mother’s personality, courtesy of Future Ted.


How I Met Your Mother returns with episode 9×01 The Locket on Monday Sep. 23rd, 2013 8/7c on CBS.


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