Scandal 3×01 The Tables Have Turned For Olivia

Written by Sandra Martinez   // September 26, 2013

Scandal 3x01 The Tables Have Turned For OliviaScandal 3×01 The Tables Have Turned For Olivia


Here’s the Spoilers on Scandal from TV Guide’s MegaBuzz By Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams For Sept. 26th, 2013.


Did you get any juicy Scandal scoop when you were on set? — Laura 

NATALIE: Olivia Pope might be the First Mistress, but it’s her Scandal co-workers who will bear the brunt of that revelation in the season premiere. “It makes it hard because they go from being people who manage other people’s crises to people who have to manage their own crisis in a big way,” Kerry Washington tells me. “When Olivia herself is at the center of it, it really challenges everybody. It’s hard for them to figure out what their roles are. If she’s the client, how can she be the boss? Who gets to make the rules?”


Scandal returns with episode 3×01 It’s Handled on Thursday Oct. 3rd, 2013 10/9c on ABC.


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