Person of Interest 3×06 Title, Intel PLUS Teaser Videos!

Written by Sandra Martinez   // August 26, 2013

Person of Interest NewsPerson of Interest 3×06 Title, Intel PLUS Teaser Videos!


Here’s the Spoilers on Person of Interest from Tanja Forte at  For August 23rd, 2013.


The title for Person of Interest 3×06 has been released and according to Spoiler it is MORS PRAEMATURA.


When these words are put into the google translator separately, MORS means DEATH and PRAEMATURA means EARLY in Latin. However, when you enter them into the translator together, you are told PREMATURE DEATH.

This title leaves way to much to the imagination!! Hopefully, whomever needs saving will be rescued in time and not die prematurely. Fingers crossed!!

Special thanks to Amanda Segal, co-executive producer and writer for Person of Interest, who was kind enough to share the names of the writer and director for this episode.

To read more about Person of Interest episode 3×06, tweets from Person of Interest’s Amanda Segal, PLUS 2 teasers videos on the upcoming season 3, go to Person of Interest Fans .com


Person of Interest returns with episode 3×01 Liberty on Tuesday Sep. 24th, 2013 9/8c on CBS.




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