NCIS: Los Angeles CONFIRMED Cast Member Leaving In Season 5!

Written by Sandra Martinez   // October 15, 2013

cast of ncis: los angelesNCIS: Los Angeles CONFIRMED A Cast Member Will Be Leaving In Season 5!


Here’s the Spoiler For NCIS: Los Angeles Posted by Jenna Mullins at  E! Online on Oct. 15th, 2013.

(This is a confirmation of a post reported here at TV Spoiler News on Aug. 27th, 2013)


Tonight, NCIS: Los Angeles celebrates 100 episodes, and when we spoke to the cast about reaching that milestone they dropped a bombshell on us. By the end of this season, someone on the cast won’t be around anymore.

What is happening on these CBS acronym shows?!

“What I heard is that there will be a character leaving at the end of this season, or towards the end of this season,” Daniela Ruah reveals to us. “That’s what I’ve heard. I don’t know who it is. It might be me! Who knows?”

It turns out that not even the main cast feels safe, because when we talked to LL Cool J about the future of the show, he said that he needed to make it out of season five alive first.

“I want to get through this season, and then we’ll get to those other episodes,” he says. “From what I hear there’s some cast members that might not make it through this season[ season 5 ]. Let’s deal with that first.”

Even though the cast is in the dark (for now) about who will be exiting the series, one thing is for sure: NCIS: Los Angeles fans will be blindsided.

“This season you’re going to see a lot of shockers,” LL Cool J spills. “We’re going to throw curveballs at people and they definitely aren’t going to see them coming.”


NCIS: Los Angeles Cast On Reaching the 100th Episode Landmark In Season 5


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