NCIS 11X01 AND 11X02 Spoilers From EP, Tiva Fans Rejoice!

Written by Sandra Martinez   // July 31, 2013

NCIS NewsNCIS 11X01 AND 11X02 Spoilers From EP Gary Glasberg, Tiva Fans Rejoice!



Here’s the Scoop on NCIS from TV Guide’s MegaBuzz By Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams For July 30th, 2013.



So, how will NCIS actually write Ziva’s exit from the show? — Samantha

ADAM: Given that Ziva was one of three agents who resigned to protect Gibbs, it actually won’t be that far-fetched. The season will open with a two-parter that features Colin Hanks returning to threaten Gibbs, prompting a team reunion. “Ziva is out in the ether and Tony has to go off and find her,” NCIS executive producer Gary Glasbgerg says. “The second episode is really all about Tony and Ziva, and, I hope, delivers all the things the Tiva fans are going to want.” Adds Michael Weatherly: “The will they/won’t they is answered. Tony’s going to be forced to face this Sword of Damocles that’s been hanging over him since Season 3.” That’s Greek for “they’re totally gonna do it,” right?


NCIS returns with episode 11×01 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot on Tuesday Sep. 24th, 2013 8/7c on CBS.


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