Matt Bomer on White Collar’s 5th Season Deal For Peter’s Freedom

Written by Sandra Martinez   // August 27, 2013

White Collar NewsMatt Bomer on the White Collar 5th Season Deal Neal Made For Peter’s Freedom


Here’s the Spoilers For White Collar Posted by TV Scoop Team at  E! Online on August 27th, 2013.


Andrew in Valparaiso, Ind.: So how does Peter get out of prison on White Collar?

Well, we can’t reveal exact details on that, but we can turn it over to Matt “Blue Eyes That Stare Right Into Our Souls”Bomer to tell us about the Peter-Neal relationship in the new season of White Collar. “I am really excited about this season! It’s all about this Faustian bargain; a deal that Neil makes with the devil in exchange for Peter’s freedom and it just creates this interesting dynamic on the show because the show is all about trust,” he tells us. “Once again Neil always has the best intentions but it puts him in a very compromising position.” Are you guys also thinking of a dirty joke involving Matt Bomer and the phrase “compromising position”? Just us?


White Collar returns with episode 5×01 The Boys Are Back on Thursday Oct. 17th, 2013 10/9c on USA.


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