Long Standing Character Mysteries Solved In Bones S09!

Written by Sandra Martinez   // August 16, 2013

Bones NewsLong Standing Character Mysteries To Be Solved In Bones Season 9!


Here’s the Spoilers on Bones from EW’s The Spoiler Room by Sandra Gonzalez for August 16th, 2013.


Other than the Sweets career crisis, what can you tell us about the fantastic B & B wedding and whether Booth’s friends will be around for multiple episodes of Bones or any other juicy scoop? We need more!!! — Ali

Wedding details are being kept under wraps, but it’s not unlike Bones to keep a few secrets from fans, which, by the way, transitions nicely into some scoop I CAN give you about a few OTHER secrets that will be revealed this season. “This season we are going to answer many of the questions that have plagued us and the audience for some time,” Nathan says. “We’re going to be looking at 4:47, the clock mystery. Perhaps we’re even going to find out what Brennan wrote to Booth when she was buried alive. Lots of character mysteries will be resolved this season.”


Bones returns with episode 9×01 The Secrets in the Proposal on Monday Sep. 16th, 2013 8/7c on FOX.


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