Law and Order: SVU Recap 15×11 “Amaro’s One-Eighty”

Written by summer hallmon   // January 21, 2014

The Cast of Law and Order: SVULaw and Order: SVU Recap 15×11 “Amaro’s One-Eighty”


Law and Order: SVU left off with  Detective Amaro shooting a young boy, thinking he was armed when he wasn’t. Fortunately, Amaro is acquitted, and Captain Cragen puts him on desk duty, then informs him Olivia will decide when he can return to the streets. Cragen tells the team he is leaving the force for good, and Olivia Benson will become the new commander of SVU!

Olivia Benson


 Olivia Benson is the new commander of SVU!

Detective Olivia Benson has had a rough time this season. How will she handle becoming the new commander of SVU ? Will she roll with the bunches like usual, or will she crumble with pressure? Here’s the official recap of Law and Order:  SVU 15×11 from Kris Duplisea at the posted Jan. 16th, 2014:


In this week’s episode, titled ‘Amaro’s One-Eighty’, Amaro shoots a kid during a school shooting, thinking the kid was armed but we soon learn that the

kid had no gun. To make matters worse, Brian (Dean Winters) is the one that is in charge of the investigation because he is trying to get a job on IAB. He has to prove that he is able to run an unbiased investigation. This is truly the perfect test for him as he’s dating Benson and Amaro is Benson’s partner. This just shows all the things that can go wrong even if you do everything right. Amaro is becoming the example for the new mayor in town who is trying to make a name for

himself by trying to end the racial discrimination with the NYPD. Amaro is struggling with what he did. He is feeling frustrated because he knows he did everything right but because he had two glasses of wine to celebrate Benson’s promotion and staying with SVU, his career might be ruined. This is the first time in a long time, if ever, that we see a softer side to Tucker at the IAB. It’s obvious that he wasn’t all that happy about investigating Amaro and that he was just doing it because his boss was telling him to. It’s nice to see him lighten up a bit, as he always seems to be the thorn in the side of the SVU squad. The real shocker comes at the end of the show as Cragen announces he’s going on a 6-month leave before retiring and leaving Benson in charge. This was out of nowhere as there were no signs that he was going to be leaving the show. This means we will probably get a new detective and Benson will probably take on a smaller role.


Danny Pino



Mariska Hargitay joked about the awkwardness her character  must have felt on Twitter:



Captain Cragen and Olivia Benson
So fans, how do you feel about Captain Cragen leaving? Do you think Olivia can handle being SVU’s commander? Personally, I’m glad she’s getting a better job, but with Stabler being gone and Captain Cragen next to go, the show is loosing it’s most popular characters! Sound off in the comments below and remember that Law and Order:  SVU returns to the NBC Jan 22nd, 2014.



Law and Order: SVU 15×12 “Jersey Breakdown.” Check out the promo below!


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