An Emmy Gripe-The Bobby Cannavale Emmy Was Unfair

Written by Sandra Martinez   // September 23, 2013

Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire EditorialJust an Emmy Gripe From the Editor-The Bobby Cannavale Emmy Was Unfair


From Sandra Martinez of TV Spoiler News Sept. 23rd, 2013.


The Emmy Awards Were Unfair To Aaron Paul and Jack Huston


Don’t get me wrong-I am a big fan of both Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire. I have literally seen every episode of both shows dozens of times. And while Cannavale’s over-the-top sexually and ethically twisted gangster was fun to watch (bone-for-tuna lol), it cannot be compared to the moral journey Aaron Paul experienced in season 4 of Breaking Bad. It was HIS season. He richly deserved this award and I feel it was a slap in the face.

aaron paul


Artistic opinions aside, I don’t consider Bobby Cannavale’s role in Boardwalk Empire a true supporting role. It was a one season guest star part. Period. If ANYBODY from the show should have gotten the award, it was the brilliantly acted part of the Tin Man, Richard Harrow. The emotionally scarred and physically disfigured ex-soldier was a brilliant character study for which Jack Huston should have been at least nominated. The actor had to emote all of his joy, pain, and sorrow through the tin mask that hides the half of his face that was distorted by shrapnel. Jack Huston is a true co-star of Empire-not a one season walk on that, in all of it’s hammy deliciousness, could not have sustained any depth of character beyond the one season. I had grown tired of this one note performance about halfway through the season.

Richard Harrow trying to rescue Jimmy Darmody’s son from his grandmother’s-a sick, twisted woman in her own right and who insisted the boy call him ‘Mother’ after his real mother was murdered-whorehouse, was a much more interesting storyline. And to watch Harrow trying to have a relationship with a woman, which I think we all know was ill fated from the start, was both truly sweet and achingly heartbreaking.

Thanks for listening to my rant. I just had to get that off of my chest. This kind of inconsistency in the Emmy Awards is why I no longer watch the show live. My blood pressure just can’t handle it anymore.


Boardwalk Empire returns with episode 4×04 All In on Sunday Sep. 29th, 2013 9/8c on HBO.

Breaking Bad‘s final episode, 5×16 Felina, airs on Sunday Sep. 29th, 2013 9/8c on AMC.


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