How Will We See Pelant Again On Bones Now That He’s Dead?!?

Written by Sandra Martinez   // November 24, 2013

christopher pelantHow Will We See Pelant Again On Bones Now That He’s Dead?!?


Here’s the spoilers on Bones from TV Guide’s MegaBuzz By Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams For Nov. 19th, 2013.


Anything else you can tell us about the new serial killer coming up on Bones? — Layla

ADAM: As executive producer Stephen Nathan previously hinted, the new nemesis will be much more of a shadow-dweller than Pelant. “We will not know whether or not we are meeting the person when we see the episode,” Nathan teases. However, Brennan will definitely be on the lookout. “[Pelant's warning] is in the back of Brennan’s mind,” Emily Deschanel says. “Where she has doubts is whether, when Pelant died, their hopes of solving those murders died with him. I think she fears it did.” Pelant‘s words may not be the only thing haunting Brennan: Nathan teases we will see Pelant again in the flesh! Might Brennan be seeing ghosts again?


Bones returns with episode 9×11 The Spark in the Park on Friday Dec. 6th, 2013 8/7c on FOX.


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