How I Met Your Mother, Filming the Final Scene *VIDEO*!

Written by Sandra Martinez   // January 17, 2014

how i met your motherHow I Met Your Mother: Shooting the Final Scene, The Mother’s Back Story & MORE! *SNEAK PEEK*


These How I Met Your Mother spoilers provided by Matt Webb Mitovich’s ‘Matt Inside Line‘ at TVLine posted Jan. 16th, 2014.



Please share any spoilers you have from How I Met Your Mother‘s 200th episode celebrations. – Babar
Episode 200 aka “How Your Mother Met Me” will show what Cristin Milioti’s character has been up to all these years, “intersecting” her path at times with familiar past storylines. “It’s a fun little ‘Disneyland tour’ through the series, from the perspective of someone outside the group,” EP Carter Bays shared at the CBS sitcom’s final TCA panel. “It’s very emotional, and we could not have done this with any other actress.” (Carter also said that “some fun trickery” was used to drop The Mother into past episodes.)

Do you have any spoilers for How I Met Your Mother? –Shari
“There’s an episode coming up about the fact that Robin’s mom hasn’t come to the wedding — and Lily really, really wants Robin to be upset about it,” EP Craig Thomas shares. “Lily thinks Robin needs this emotional catharsis about this fact.” And speaking of mothers: By the series’ end, we will learn that there is a specific reason why Adult Ted chose the time he did to tell the kids about how he met you-know-who.

Since The Mother is played by Tony nominee Cristin Milioti, any chance we’ll hear her sing on HIMYM? Especially given that she is the lead singer of the wedding band. –Vanessa
“There’s a lot of live music coming up,” is all EP Bays would say on that topic. Added Thomas: “Stay tuned!”


And This Info From CBS News


Producers filmed the climactic scene of CBS’  How I Met Your Mother finale eight years ago, fearing the actors involved would become unrecognizable, and have kept it under wraps ever since.

The Monday-night comedy concludes after nine seasons on March 31 with a one-hour episode.

The comedy’s central conceit is that it’s a story told by actor Josh Radnor’s character, Ted, to his teenage children about how their mom and dad met. The children, played by David Henrie and Lyndsy Fonseca, were depicted in the series’ early days sitting on a couch, shifting uncomfortably in boredom as their dad narrated the long-winded story.

 Although the mother, played by actress Cristin Milioti, was introduced in last season’s final episode, the details of how they met still haven’t been revealed.

Series co-creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas knew from the beginning exactly how that question would be answered, and always planned it for the show’s final show. And the kids on the couch would be a key component of that ending.

So one day Bays and Thomas brought the young actors in, closed the set to all but one camera operator, and filmed the two-minute scene that will bring the series to a close. Henrie and Fonseca signed non-disclosure agreements. So intent on keeping the secret, Fonseca put it out of her mind and doesn’t even remember what they filmed, Thomas said on Wednesday.



Unpause Sneak Peek

How I Met Your Mother returns with episode 9×15 Unpause on Monday Jan. 20th, 2014 8/7c on CBS.


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