How Is Homeland’s Carrie OK With Lockhart Now?

Written by Sandra Martinez   // January 4, 2014

Mandy Patinkin as Saul Berenson, Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison and Rupert Friend as Peter QuinnHow Can Homeland’s Carrie Buddy Up To Lockhart After What He Did?


These Homeland spoilers are from Matt Webb Mitovich  at TVLine posted Jan. 3rd, 2014.


Why was Carrie on such good terms with Lockhart at the end of Homeland finale? He’s the man who (indirectly) let Brody die, and we’ve seen how crazy Carrie gets when it comes to Brody. —Laura

[Homeland EP] Alex Gansa responds: “Carrie had to make a choice. Is she going to continue to do what she loves to do, which is be an intelligence officer, or is she going to hold her anger and feelings of betrayal against the man who is now sitting in the chair that is going to determine where her career goes. That’s one of the reasons for the four-monthy time break. And that was, frankly, one of the things that we were trying to go with was, ‘OMG, Carrie is OK with all of this. How is that possible?’ Well, Carrie Mathison is a pragmatist. This is job a calling to her. And although [Brody's death] was incredibly painful, she… was able to move on from that and decide that her career was more important than holding a grudge.”


Homeland is on a break/hiatus.


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